Just as everything has its advantages and disadvantages , social media too comes with pros and cons.



Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram sounds familiar ?? Well today our daily life, revolves around social media rather than socializing with people. Today 1 out of 4 individuals use social media  and it would not be wrong to say that social media “controls our personal and professional life”.  Undoubtedly, Social media has made communication easier but when it comes to the workplace it can be a valuable tool for carrying out businesses. However, on the flip side it can also cause serious problems on the job. When the office employees start abusing office internet access for their personal use during work hours, then productivity can be compromised. 

How can social media benefit the company ?

Helps in creating the company’s online profile

By creating and maintaining , the company’s social media profile it will enable it to have an easily searchable online presence.  Hence, social media can be used as a promotional tool and would also help to reach out to new clients. Also , the company will need to have an active staff who can respond to queries, feedbacks and update social media profile of the company regularly.

Aids as a public relations tool

Benefit of social media lies in the fact that it can be useful as a PR tool for companies. Companies can use the platform so as to connect with the average consumer, through pictures, blogs and various post . In short, it can promote the company’s marketing  and advertising strategy.

Ease in finding jobs

In a world driven by technology , social media gives us the privilege to hunt for jobs. It could turn out to be a good way of connecting employees and employers. Recruitment process has become a lot more easier, where in the employees update their skills and experience on LinkedIn or any other app. Likewise it becomes easy for the recruiter, to identify preferable candidates for the job.

Online training to the employees

Many companies spend a lot of money in training employees but now there are other ways of training them in a cost effective way. There are online training sessions that talk about various aspects of the workplace and  training is also available on a technical basis. Hence, social media could be cost effective.

At times the social media can create unnecessary problems at workplace , due to which the work efficiency can be hampered.

Damage by malware

Malware is an intrusive software that could harm the company networks and computers, which exposes the networks to viruses and hackers that could also lead to security breach.There could be a potential risk of opening the corporate network to malware. However, the technical support teams regularly scan the system for the detection of malware, given the high use of computers for internet access.


Employees at workplace often face distraction when they access their personal social media profiles during work hours. Valuable work time is lost when employees play games, listen to music or talk to their friends. Statistics reveal that 60% of the employees spend atleast 2 hours on social media during work hours. The company must adopt strict rules to ensure that the office internet is not used for personal purpose. However, this can be difficult when the employees are allowed to use their personal cellphones or bring their own laptops to workplace.

Improper social media etiquette could affect job

We often do not keep ‘social media etiquette’ in mind while using platforms as Facebook , Twitter etc. Many times employers , come across the profiles of employees and it would not be appropriate if objectionable posts or photos are uploaded.  As far as LinkedIn is concerned, it should be kept as professional as possible with a profile photo of the person concerned with no pets or spouses. 

Facebook , should possibly contain stories , comments etc which are pleasant. And comments on religion and politics should be avoided. It is advisable not to upload anything impulsively. 

And there could be many more positive and negative impacts of social media. Therefore, employers are faced with the need to develop social media policies that allow the company to reap the positive benefits of social media use while minimizing the negative effects.  Its not just the employers but employees too must decide if the use of social media outweighs the potential for negative impacts. The onus lies in each one of us ,as to how we choose to use the platform of social media. Social media can be a revelation in the workplace, if used properly and efficiently without any distraction to the individual. If social media is used to the highest potential, then it can help in the overall growth of the company.

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