SHL, Adecco Group’s Latest Study Helps Uncover Generation Z’s Leadership Potential

SHL’s Graduate solution was the cornerstone of this study that explores Generation Z’s potential and how that can drive organization performance


SHL, the global leader in people science and technology, and The Adecco Group, a global Human Resources provider and temporary staffing firm, released a study that explains how GenerationZ can offer unique skills that have been deemed critical to overcoming the waves of change that companies are experiencing today.

SHL’s Graduate Hiring Solution was the cornerstone of the study that employed the profiles of young leaders who applied for Adecco Group’s CEO for One Month program. The study gained insight using SHL’s situational judgment test (SJTs) to demonstrate this cohort’s workplace behaviors including their ability to initiate action, work with people, network, innovate, deliver results for customers, and adapt to change. It found that GenZ’s cognitive diversity - the difference among us due to our life experiences, worldview, and how we process information - can be leveraged for high potential and leadership positions in the future.

“In the brave new workplace, the onus is on employers to create jobs and environments that can compete not just with other employers but with the entrepreneurial mindset. The current business ecosystem is witnessing the brilliance of young leaders. From this study, we know that Gen Z can offer smart, creative, and well-researched outputs. Their unique skills are critical for overcoming the workplace challenges to be the future leaders in the ever-changing world.” said Sushant Dwivedy, Managing Director (India and Philippines), SHL 

The surveyed group included candidates from 42 countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Platforms like SHL’s Graduate Hiring solutions can help businesses attract, develop, and retain GenerationZ while benefiting from their diverse mindsets immediately. 

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