Role Of HR Is Changing Quickly: Asit K Barma, Director, BIM

Future of work is changing says Asit K Barma, Director, Bharathidasan Institute of Management.


Dr Asit K Barma, Director, Bharathidasan Institute of Management said that the role of HR is changing quickly. 

"Keep in mind the future of work is never like before. So, this is the best moment for HR professionals. If you have too many balls. You are juggling all these balls in the air because of the future of work is changing. And no other department is looking at it that way. You must play the role of integrating all these dimensions. So you need to guide, you need to look at that."

"I was in the technology industry for about 30 years. In any organisation, the HR folks are the least trusted ones. They are the most friendly ones, but they're the least trusted ones in any organisation corridor. So that was the kind of role and we have seen that they collect applications, do the onboarding, do the training, learning and development and then this payroll administration and a whole lot of other support functions," said Barma while speaking at the BW People HR Excellence Summit And Awards 2023.

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