Role Of HR In Fostering Employer-Employee Relations In A Hybrid Work Environment

When it comes to familial values there is a lot of honor of commitment both on the part of employees as well as employers in an organisation


HR leaders focused on various elements, including structure, processes, flexibility, adaptation, job design, and networks, to maximise a hybrid workforce model during the pandemic. 

In a recently concluded summit, a panel of reputed HR professionals came together to discuss “The Role of HR in fostering employer-employee relations in a hybrid work environment”. The panel included Nivedita Nanda, Country Director People & Culture ISS India, Abbas Jalees Rizvi, Head of People analytics program, southeast Asia, Rajgupta, HR Leader at TCS, Primita Singh CHRO and Head CSR HERO Fin Corp along with Sudhir Mishra as panel moderator. 

Talking about the fragility of life during covid, Rajgupta said,” relationship plays a critical role post-covid. The different collateral spectrum that we need to manage as organisation such as asking to manage to lay off but at the same time we need to employee touch, and develop trust. There is a technology to surveillance, we are asked to enhance engagement but at the same time, it is a work-from-home situation. So, the covid challenge for CHROs' was how to do all these things together by leveraging technology to do that.”  

Primita Singh spoke about how organisation deal with soulfulness. She adds,” At hero, we call ourselves hero parivaar when you are talking about familial values there is a lot of honor of commitment both on the part of employees as well as employers. The role that HR and the management have to play together is to understand this equation, value it and build commitment around it. That is how you are going to maintain the relation between employees- employers.” 

Talking about personal sacrifices in preserving this employee-employer relationship, Nivedita Nanda states,” it is so important for us to strategically think how do we look after this whole family of ours both physically and mentally.” She explained that throughout COVID, regardless of whether it was HR or business, the focus was on how to be together, not let go of anything from your side, and be there for each other. 

Abbas Jalees spoke about reinventing among organisation during covid and how this has been a lesson for a lot of us in terms of how functions have to evolve and perform in the Project. He said, “because it is a generation of people who want to experience everything and we are living with the generation which actually believes in touching and feeling things, the entire covid situation has turned employee value proposition into something that organisation should think about and how the employee should have life experience proposition. 

The session concluded how the pandemic accelerated the adoption and implementation of many technologies to become mainstream but things are getting back to normal post covid and it's time for technology and human to coexist. 

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