Reconsidering the On-Demand Workforce

Organizations have left no stone unturned in providing earning opportunities to India’s youth.


For quite some time now, people have been saying “the future of work is here”. This is because the unexpected pandemic has transformed the work industry completely.
The freelancing industry has seen millions of new users because of the variety and flexibility it offers. During the initial days of COVID-19, people turned to freelance due to necessity as many people lost their jobs.

However, most of the companies have embraced the new normal and March forward, people are seen choosing freelancing not as a necessity, but as a choice. 

While freelancing has its sweet benefits, one has to understand that it is like the wind. Sometimes it blows in your direction, sometimes the other. You might be loaded with work for months and absolutely out of it for the next few.
Organizations have left no stone unturned in providing earning opportunities to India’s youth. 

India's freelance economy currently consists of an estimated 15 million freelancers! Furthermore, India witnessed a 46 percent increase in new freelancers from Q1 to Q2, 2020.

Rachit Mathur- Founder, CEO at Avenue Growth stated: “Our goal has always been to provide earning opportunities to the youth of India especially when the unemployment rate has gone so high. We have over 60,000 growth specialists associated with our platform and the number of clients we have added has touched more than 2000. We are adding a new freelancer every minute and a new project every 15 minutes. Through our flexible work model, you will be able to deliver results on time and speed up operations which can be profitable for your business”.

He added, "Avenue Growth is practicing the Find-Hire-Manage model. Building a skilled workforce has never been easier for a brand. You simply find the best growth specialist by searching the detailed profiles which include work experience, rating & reviews. Based on your need, you can select your growth specialist and even have a small chat with them to understand their views.

After you select the right profile, you can hire your growth specialist in a hassle-free, paperless, transparent way and make a secure payment. After the initial steps, you can successfully manage geo-locations and observe your workforce checking in and out of jobs. You will also have 24*7 dedicated teams to assist you with your needs".

Recent surveys reveal that organizations are turning towards building a flexible workforce to deal with the new trends that digitization brings. A skilled workforce and a flexible work model are beneficial in the long run and can augment the core-specific needs.

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