Randstad’s Take On Future Ready Leadership

Avoiding a slow death of an organisation, creating unique value and building a strong foundation


Regardless of whether an organisation has chosen to give leadership responsibilities to a select few or if they believe that everyone is a leader, leadership training can be challenging for organisations of any size to implement. 

Anjali Raghuvanshi, Chief People Officer (CPO), Randstad India address the need for good leaders in the industry today. Pointing out the alternative can have damaging consequences for employees, clients and the overall outlook of the organisation. All this starts with the hiring process itself. Raghuvansi states, “To be an organisation that helps candidates realise their true potential, biases have to be shed. The hiring process is one area where judgement is used the most, therefore biases may occur, we need to act with empathy and create inclusion.” Hiring is more than just finding the right skills, it's finding the right fit. Finding the right talent, the right fit and nurturing it are all part of thought leadership. 

On creating future-ready leadership, all processes begin with the culture and values of an organisation. Raghuvanshi emphasises the need to be a purpose-driven organisation over profit-driven. History has shown that organisations that stay true to their purpose and the vision with which the organisation was founded are more likely to attract and retain their people. The culture of a workplace is also crucial to both the personal and structural growth of a company. Moreover, blindly implementing a policy can only go so far, every situation and person will require a unique approach that can be aligned to policy. Finally, if leaders are not future-ready, this will lead to a slow death of the company and will ultimately serve as a cautionary tale within the industry. 

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