Rainmaker Unveils Two New Culture And Compliance Short Films: WorkVIBE Unbiased Part I And WorkTRADE

WorkVIBE Unbiased Part I addresses nonconscious biases and helps foster inclusivity in the workplace. WorkTRADE allows a comprehensive understanding of insider trading prevention


Rainmaker, the leading culture and compliance learning solutions company, has announced the launch of two new groundbreaking products: WorkVIBE Unbiased Part I and WorkTRADE. These innovative additions to Rainmaker's comprehensive portfolio are set to revolutionise workplace culture and enhance insider trading prevention strategies for organisations across the spectrum.

WorkVIBE: Unbiased Part I

WorkVIBE Unbiased Part I represents a transformative approach towards addressing nonconscious biases and fostering inclusivity in the workplace. Beyond conventional bias training, this powerful tool delves deep into the lived experiences of underrepresented and marginalised communities. By shining a spotlight on the stories of persons with disabilities, the LGBTQ+ community and gender biases, WorkVIBE Unbiased Part I goes beyond theory to cultivate empathy, understanding and actionable change. Through its engaging episodes, Rainmaker aims to create inclusive work environments that set the standard for the best organisations.


Rainmaker's collaboration with Finsec Law Advisors has led to the development of WorkTRADE, an invaluable guide designed specifically for listed organisations. Drawing upon the profound expertise of Finsec Law Advisors in securities laws, WorkTRADE equips organisations with a comprehensive understanding of insider trading prevention empowering organisations to confidently uphold compliance and make informed decisions.

Rainmaker's commitment to excellence and innovation is underscored by these new offerings. The launch of WorkVIBE Unbiased Part I and WorkTRADE reflects Rainmaker's dedication to fostering inclusive workplaces and ensuring regulatory compliance, further solidifying its reputation as a pioneering force in culture and compliance learning solutions.

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