Qatar Eases Pandemic Related Measures; Allows Offices To Start With 80% Headcount

Qatar government allows public and private offices to work with 80 per cent attendance. Malls and food courts could restart operations from June 18, reports reveal.


As per the reports by the state agencies, Qatar's cabinet has allowed up to 80 per cent of public and private sector employees to return to offices from June 18 as a part of its plan to gradually ease coronavirus-related measures. This decision does not cover employees in the health, security and military sectors.

Qatar is unlocking after a long-term plan, the government has decided early in May to lift coronavirus-related measures in four phases starting on May 28 and ending on July 30.

The cabinet also said malls and food courts could restart operations on Friday, and weddings would be allowed as well, with specific capacities and restrictions.

The country is getting back with a list of precautions to be taken by the citizen. Meetings at the workplace with being restricted to 15 people at max. Only five people who have taken only a single dose of the vaccine will be allowed in such meetings, not more.

Masks will be compulsory for all citizens once they step out of the house. In the case of non-vaccinated people, only five will be allowed to gather.


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