Practicing Resilience In The Time of Uncertainty

When the unprecedented and deadly novel Coronavirus outbreak looms over humanity, the situation is as uncertain as could be. The result – we’re going through various emotional states on a near-daily basis.


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a countrywide lockdown. Schools are closed, flights have been canceled people are losing their jobs and the virus is continuing to spread. In this situation, it is very easy for negative thoughts to play on your mind and bring you down.

This negativity, however, is natural. The negative thoughts stem from the fear we feel when any part of our future is uncertain or ambiguous. When the unprecedented and deadly novel Coronavirus outbreak looms over humanity, the situation is as uncertain as could be. The result – we’re going through various emotional states on a near-daily basis.

Positivity as the antidote!

The situation is understandably worrying, but this is all the more reason to stay positive. When fear and anxiety are the dominant feelings, we must check our response to this fear and create a more positive and hopeful mindset. Why? Because if we succumb to our negative thoughts, we will be overwhelmed and immobilized, unable to function properly.

Some might say that it is easier said than done. That practicing positivity, at the end of the day, is tough. So, here are are a few ways that you can let positivity flow in - not just during this challenging period, but also beyond it.

Self-awareness is the key

As mentioned above, it is important to understand your emotional state and the underlying feelings that are leading to this state. This is invariably the first step towards achieving positivity. Talk to your family or friends, or just take time to introspect. You will soon realize your emotional state and be able to overcome any negativity through conversation or introspection. When you are completely aware of your mindset, it becomes easier to control, and eventually, change it.

Distance, don’t isolate

Amid the outbreak, social distancing is the only mandate. We’re staying home to stay safe and keep others safe around us. It is, however, important to understand that social distancing is not the same as social isolation. You are never isolated since you have your family or friends either with you at home or just a call/text away. Leverage video calling, conferencing, texting, etc. to stay connected. We’re social animals and immense positivity can come from interacting with those going through the same situation.

Set a routine; stick to it

It is tough to feel in control when everything happening outside is truly out of your control. The only way to get back a bit of that control over your life is by setting a routine. Many organizations

are transitioning to work-from-home systems wherein professionals are still busy during their work hours. Ensure that you wake up on time, get dressed and ready for work, even if you’re only working from home. This will make you feel productive and positive, ready to take on each day, until things outside return to normal.

Be grateful!

No matter what, be grateful for the life that you have. This situation, as challenging as it is, puts everything in our life into perspective. We now know how important our jobs, friends, and freedom are to us. Most of all, we know how important our overall health is. Simply put, we’ve understood what the age-old adage states - health is wealth.

For those who are working from home, be grateful for your job. For those who do not have a job, be grateful for your friends and family. Most of all, and this is for everyone - be grateful for your life. Once you realize that you have a lot to be thankful for, you’ll feel exceptionally positive. Finally, once you achieve this positivity, you’ll be ready to spread it around. Help those around you to feel the same way, remember we’re all in this together.

Not everything can be under our control. How we react to it, however, is definitely for us to choose. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your choice. You can either choose to stick to your problems and feel worried, suffocated, hopeless, etc. Or you can choose to push away all the negative thoughts and come out of this crisis encouraged, energized and ready to embrace life once again.

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