Personal Evolution Comes From Breaking The Existing Unuseful Pattern: Antano and Harini

In the conversation with BW People, Antano Solar John, Co-Creator of Excellence Installation Technology, Co-Founder Antano & Harini Legacy Accelerators ponders about the importance of mental health; transforming an organization into people-centric, and empowerment on individuals.


What do you think the role mental health of an employee plays in their overall productivity?

“The state of mind that we are in determines the quality of output that we produce”- Antano Solar John

Mental health is an outcome of states of mind we put ourselves in, consistently, for days and months. What we do for months and years becomes unconscious patterns that become repetitive behavior, even when we don’t realize it. And the latest brain mapping studies show that repetitive behaviors even change the physical shape of the brain that further makes it a vicious cycle. Personal Evolution is not about changing the external situation but rather how we respond to the same. Having resourceful states of mind, where we are creative, rejuvenated, excited, etc. improves our overall mental health and also gives a chance to change the actual situation because a calm and composed mind uses the full power of the neurology in arriving at solutions that may skip the notice of a person constantly riddled with stress anxiety, worry, sadness or anger.

At any given point, our state of mind determines the visibility of the opportunities, the range of solutions to a problem, depth of our learning from other geniuses around, and the ability to create an atmosphere for effective and effortless collaboration. In good states, you are able to remain contextual and shift your personality, depending on the context, while making the most of various situations in life.

And hence, certainly, the outcome of good mental health is increased productivity, infused with creativity, enhanced relationships, razor-sharp decision-making, and effortless learning capabilities. Most importantly, work becomes exhilarating and not draining

How can employees emerge as irreplaceable in their companies?

Employees that are forever committed to evolving themselves, focusing on developing their core capabilities and skills instead of relying on workplace politics or other malice to get ahead in the game, would always emerge as irreplaceable in their organizations. When we help employees get over personal limitations and install fundamental core capabilities in them for accelerated learning and success, they start exuding a vibe of confidence, collaboration, and responsibility. Their personal success is tied to the goals and objectives of an organization and they begin to collaborate with different verticals, think from different perspectives, and come up with innovative, win-win solutions. They are able to learn fast from other geniuses around and quickly adapt to the ever-growing needs of organizations.

Most importantly, they are quick to recognize the ever-changing market dynamics, predict what could happen in the near future, and reverse-engineer solutions to help the business maintain its competitive edge. Such employees emerge as unique assets for the business and thus, irreplaceable. And even during COVID times, when AI automates many of current job functions, these people will be able to adapt to a new type of functions rapidly. In fact, most of them would be ready with those capabilities and skills even before the demand increases.

Do you encourage your participants to start-up or grow in their current job?

We encourage both. But irrespective of whether they are in a job or working in a business, we encourage them to have an Entrepreneur Mindset and drop the employee mindset. One with an employee mindset works for the company and gets paid in return. However, one with an entrepreneur mindset works for their own development along with fulfilling the business needs. An employee mindset typically gets people to measure efforts. Entrepreneur mindset measures results. An employee mindset is about how busy they have been. Entrepreneurial mindset is about productivity. Employee mindset limits itself to one function and tasks given to them whereas the entrepreneur mindset is curious about how the business functions as an integrated unit.

The concept behind Antano and Harini

The core concept behind Antano & Harini is that no matter where a person has reached, there is always the next level of excellence. And an opportunity to continuously evolve.

‘Who we are’ is not etched on stone. A typically successful person evolves every 10-20 years, with significantly newer capabilities that completes them as a person and the impact they can make in the world. And along with these capabilities also come insights, mindset shifts, and evolved instincts. At the top this curve are legends who do this naturally every few years, and at the bottom of the curve are people who are stagnant, who may grow older but not evolve with age.

We have CREATED technology to design and fast-track personal evolution. Excellence Installation is the most advanced solution to predict Life Consequences, interrupt unconscious patterns, and 'install' new capabilities in people. The effect of such installations, known as Time-Compression, is that a person achieves in 2-3 years what could have otherwise taken them decades.

How can employees achieve work-life balance?

We’ve been conditioned to believe that it is important to keep work and life separate. But these are not mutually-independent instances and more often than not, the two roles would coincide. Having a good day at work improves the quality of engagement we have back at home and vice versa. We need to start by shifting the attitude towards Work-Life Integration, where both become allies. Like two horses in the same chariot. Or two rooms in a big mansion, instead of two houses on different streets. Whole-life integration means that what you learn in one context becomes available in another. But you find people who can stay calm at work, but start shouting and yelling at home; they have not allowed the capabilities they have built to cross-over, because they have tried so hard to create a division in these two roles.

Integration is a complex process. It is something that our neurology does for us unconsciously. And happens more when we sleep and immerse in any activity that encourages left-hemisphere and right-hemisphere coordination. We develop and enhance integration with our participants by a variety of methods and one of them is enhancing their quality of sleep to the point that sleep can feel as deep or deeper than Zen meditation.

When whole-life integration becomes your way of living, you come up with unique solutions and glide through life’s challenges without struggling.

What are some of the challenges employees grapple with when they approach you?

Employees who approach us grapple with a multitude of challenges, as governed by their current roles in the organization, the quality of their interpersonal relationships, and where they would like their life to be. People employed with top MNCs have come to us seeking financial stability; while they were part of a fast-growing conglomerate, they were not evolving personally, were too hesitant to take risks, step out-of-the-box, bring about an unprecedented change in the organization and thus elevate their own stature and value in the organization to the next level.

Another set of employees are the ones who are crippled by their own high expectations. These individuals are almost at the top of their game but also stand at the precipice of losing it all, because they put the pressure of high expectations on self and others. They get easily distracted, are highly motivated when starting new projects but give up or lose interest somewhere in the middle, have a chaotic style of working where they would stay up for nights working on critical projects and then would completely zone-out and procrastinate for days on simple tasks.

Almost everyone has the question, “what’s next for me?”. And not just in terms of the next role but also in the future of their career and excitement. Driven individuals want to be mentally stimulated, they want to provide solutions and impact the organization and the society, meaningfully. And these are the people who come to us to launch their legacy.

What is that advice you would want to give to professionals who are on the verge of losing hope?

The outcomes you create in life is directly proportional to who you are and the variety of capabilities you have across different contexts of life. However, the good news is that who you are is not etched on stone. You can evolve your personal excellence in compressed time and change the trajectory of your life. Maybe something has been your nature, but it doesn’t mean you can’t add new layers and dimensions to what you have. Personal Evolution comes from breaking the existing unuseful pattern and instead deliberately creating a new useful pattern that impacts the present and the future exponentially.

Imagine, being calm, relaxed, excited when spending time with family, while being curious, immersed, and natural when learning something new and also being resourceful, high-energy, and brilliant at work. Like a performer sets the stage for every performance, a photographer the background for every captured moment, and an architect lays a layout for every new project, design and chooses your state of mind, for every situation, to create a win-win-win outcome for yourself, the people around, and the ecosystem (family, business, society).


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