Paternity Leave

Patriarchy shouldn’t hamper fatherhood which is like the most cherished moments of a man’s life. It has made a man miss some of the most beautiful moments of his life and now it's time to break this stereotype in the occupational sector in our country. Paternity leave is a common term in other countries, but in India, it's unheard off but times are changing.


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Fatherhood is an important phase in every man's life, but in India, it can only be enjoyed after you are free from all your work and responsibilities. It's a thing which can be best enjoyed on weekends. They are deprived of the privileges of being able to enjoy quality time with their new-born. This is the reason why paternity leave is so important.

Three months of paid leave is what that can rejoice a male employee who has just been blessed with fatherhood. Paternity leave will give the man an ample amount of time to bond with the child and also be a helping hand to his wife who might be new to the cores of motherhood. Paternity leave is a good healthy sign for both the father and the child as it leaves both of them in sound mental condition. The child with the father around will grow on to be a healthier and happier individual. Studies also confirm that the child grows on to be more satisfied and an individual with better self-esteem when he/she grows with his/her father. 

Giving paternity leave also gives a new lease of life to an individual after he has spent quality time with his child. The result will reflect in the way he goes about managing his work. Positivity soars, and this will be a win-win situation, everyone.

Paternity leave should be encouraged within an organisation so that males also get the same freedom to enjoy their parenthood as their female counterparts and bust this mindset of patriarchy. 

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