Over 2000 Employees Of The Good Glamm Group Educated On Sustainable Menstruation

Sirona is committed to driving a change in menstrual hygiene practices and creating awareness through internal and external interventions


Leading up to International Women’s Day, Sirona Hygiene organized sessions for employees of the Good Glamm Group to create awareness on sustainable menstruation and propogate the use of menstrual cups. Over the years, Sirona has been instrumental in leading the change in the “taboo” period category by bringing sustainable menstruation to the forefront.

The session was led by Dr. Diksha Chadda, M.D. Preventive Medicine, a gold medalist doctor from Safdarjung Hospital, and an advocate for women's menstrual health and hygiene. She highlighted the key aspects of sustainable menstruation, concerns around using sanitary pads, addressing hesitation around switching to cups, etc. Through this webinar, Sirona was able to extend its support to over 2000 women employees in the Good Glamm Group.

The motivation for the session was drawn from the fact that many employees menstruate at work and period health has a direct impact on the well-being of the people and the choice of choosing a menstrual hygiene product is extremely important.

Sirona had recently done a similar educative webinar with the HR heads of over 150 organizations in India, in association with People Matters - addressing the topic of how we can make workplaces comfortable for menstruators.

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