Our Vision Is To Serve Indian Heritage-Biryani World Wide

BW People in interaction with Vishal Jindal, Co-Founder, Biryani By Kilo talking on how are they managing the food services in the COVID situation even by following all the precautions.


1. What was the intent in doing this? 

We (Kaushik Roy & Vishal Jindal) started Biryani By Kilo(BBK) in 2015 with the vision to create pan-India & worldwide, biggest Biryani & Kebabs Delivery chain. Biryani is Indian heritage, and it’s a versatile & complete meal. Biryani has many variants like Hyderabadi, Lucknowi, Kolkata and caters very well to delivery. BBK has around 40 outlets across 20 cities in India currently and growing very fast.

2. How did the idea come about? What are your future plans to expand? 

Biryani By Kilo(BBK) USP is to make fresh Handi Biryani for every individual order, and deliver the same Handi to customer in which Biryani is Dum cooked. As most Biryanis companies were mostly reheating & sending bulk produced Biryanis to customers, the idea was to deliver Fresh Dum cooked Biryani Handis for individual order. BBK also delivers most authentic Nizami dishes like Kebabs, Kormas & Phirni which are also very popular. BBK plans to grow to 150+ outlets pan India in next 3-4 years and expand to some international destinations. BBK plans to achieve Rs 500crs+ annual revenues & healthy bottom line in next 4 years.

3. What was the impact of Corona, how is the response by the consumers? 

BBK outlets wherever state govts are allowing us to be open are doing quite well in current crisis too. Some state govts are not allowing Food delivery outlets to be open, despite Central govt putting Food delivery under essential services. This situation should become much better in the next few  weeks. We believe BBK should be in very good position to take care of this opportunity due to fast steps taken around hygiene & safety and better communication.

4. How do you see QSR businesses bouncing back? 

Big Brands in Food delivery there should be a silver lining in the current crisis. As people might not go back to Dine in, outings & clubs for a long time. And according to Food aggregators, around 30% of smaller Dine-in & Delivery outlets might not survive this crisis. People should shift majorly to food delivery with Big Brands which they can trust for safety & hygiene. Biryani by Kilo has taken all necessary steps to ensure hygiene & safety for its employees & consumers.

5. All cloud kitchens have been impacted? 

Food delivery is in sweet spot as most customers should be getting home deliveries instead of going out. But only from Food Delivery Brands which can ensure quality, consistency, safety & hygiene.

6. What is your business philosophy? 

To give the best product in Biryani & kebabs category to customers. Create strong middle management, standardization and strong focus on technology & customer service. BBK also has a deep emphasis on employee empowerment & growth. We wanted to honor 1m+ India Delivery Riders who are delivering Grocery, Food & medicines & keeping all of us safe. We have come out with poetry to honor these riders.

7. How are you efficiently managing in these COVID-19 crisis-hit times?

 By keeping costs low & organization lean & agile. And yet preparing for fast recovery & growth which should come soon in case of Food delivery. In US Dominos Delivery has seen surge even in the current crisis. BBK needs to do PR & marketing should be less after this crisis as we should be able to enhance our Brand image through our proactive steps during this crisis. BBK has been also giving out lots of daily complimentary meals to needy in different cities during this crisis.

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