Organisations Are Far From Employee Expectations In The New Normal: Report

The report focuses on four critical factors to out together an effective HR strategy for the future of work – Digital Employee Experience (Dex), Innovation Post COVID, Talent for Tomorrow and Market Engagement.


Right Management India, part of ManpowerGroup India released a white paper - SmartHR 2021, a study covering 120 organizations across 10 sectors which included IT, Manufacturing, Services, Engineering, BFSI and Pharmaceuticals. The findings revealed compelling facts pertaining to four critical factors that will define the organizations of tomorrow, and highlighted the existing proficiency levels within the organizations. It further, elaborated the divergence between expectations and reality.

The study attempted to reveal answers to the vital challenges faced by leaders across industries:

 *   How do evolving workforce models impact employee experience across the work lifecycle?
 *   How do we control loss of productivity and attrition?
 *   How do we motivate, develop and engage today’s remote workforce?
 *   How does culture get driven in a geographically dispersed workforce?
 *   Are old market engagement models still relevant?

 Key findings from the study revealed:

*   76 per cent of respondents believe digital employee experience (DeX) is vital for their organization whereas only 49% feel that the current state of technology enablement is enough to drive home a seamless experience for employees.
*   Companies are promoting collaborative teamwork augmented by technology and encouraging employees to voice their opinions in a virtual set up to generate new ideas. However only 47% of the respondents believe that their organizations are offering an environment which is psychologically safe to voice out views and dissent, thereby limiting divergent perspectives and innovation.
*   78 per cent of the respondents believe that agile talent strategies and using digital in talent management are important whereas only 41 percent believe that their organizations are capable to manage the talent for tomorrow using these digital tools.
*   77 per cent respondents felt the need for organizations to relook at their sales model and strategy to enhance customer experience; while, only 47% believe that their organisations are actually rewiring their sales strategies and updating them as per the market.

Prashant Pandey, Country Manager, Right Management India, part of ManpowerGroup India quoted, “The theme for SmartHR 2021 was Dispersed, (yet) Connected. The aim was to help unravel emerging trends and insights which organizations and leaders need to take cognizance of, to navigate the way forward. Digital transformation is occurring at an unprecedented pace – and we strongly believe the changes in the way organizations function, will make the role of the ‘Human Resource’ function both crucial and complex.”

 He further added “As a global leader in talent and career management, our focus with SmartHR 2021 was to provide insights on the changing dynamics in the next normal and how leaders can adapt their strategies and action plans to meet the changing demands of the market. With parameters for success being redefined with every passing year, the only way forward is by identifying, improvising and implementing systems that help us flourish as we return to work”

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