One Can Prepare For Business Continuity Plan But Nothing Like This One: Krishna Raghavan

Krishna Raghavan, Chief People Officer, Flipkart joined to share their thoughts as a part of mega e-commerce, which has been flourishing as always. Dr. Annurag Batra, Chairman & Editor in Chief of BW and Exchange4Media asked, ‘How did you deal with this and the people in the organization?’ adding onto this he also said the e-commerce has its advantages in the contactless economy.


Flipkart is a known e-commerce platform, it was operational during the lockdown as it is considered to be an essential goods delivery platform. 

Raghavan talks about the flexible opportunity of work from home and that WFH policy was there for the employees at Flipkart even before the lockdown. He also shared that people in general also opt for work from home policy and still prove to be productive for the organization. 

The crisis has put the company in the dilemma that ‘how do you continue to operate as an e-commerce company?’
The perception in the minds of the people about an e-commerce website, mentioned by Chief People Officer is “a good app where we can shop from”, but it requires a lot of effort and time as a whole body works underneath it which is known as the ‘supply chain’ which power the e-commerce. The primary concern of the organization was to keep safe the overall supply chain workforce, in the midst of the lockdown and as well as in the unlock within the country. The corporate workforce was working from their respective homes, two weeks before the lockdown announcement as a safety measure, Raghavan mentioned. Apart from the safety and well-being of the employee, the operation of e-commerce throughout the country was also a part the organization had to deal with.

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COVID-19 has created fear amongst the people and it can be seen. Despite the beginning of facilities once again, people are still not ready to visit the workplaces. Flipkart has a total workforce of ten thousand people and currently, only 10% of the total workforce is opting to come to the office.

The lesser workforce present physically at the workplace shows safety as the top priority for the company. To ensure the well-being, the company enlisted the voice of the employees and also conducted a survey, regarding what all precautions shall be taken, what all should be done in the facilities. Utilizing the technology in the correct way; the company rolled out videos explaining and talking about safety measures and ask employees to adhere to the suggestions provided. This in a way reflects the concern of the HR Leaders toward ensuring the safety and wellbeing of employees.

BW People organized the third episode of BW Dialogue on People Power. The theme of the episode was ‘Redefining HR’, the episode revolves around major themes related to HR. The central point of discussion for the panelist was the transformation of HR as a department, HR as a function, and adding onto the discourse the strategies and plan of action related to the ‘New Normal.’
 At the end of the episode, Dr. Annurag Batra asks Krishna Raghavan about a book or a video one recommends as it can inspire them and provide them with hope. ‘Man’s search for meaning’ by Viktor Frankl, has been suggested by Krishna Raghavan.

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