Obituary: R C Sarin - Legend Of Indian Enterprise

The legend with Midas Touch—Truly inspirational, transformational leader who believed incorporation as one family & practiced People have infinite potential


For those who have not had the good fate of knowing Mr Sarin, and more so for those who have not had the better destiny of having been influenced by him and groomed by him, you have missed something all along but saved from the pain of losing him today.

His chronicles of professional accomplishments over 4 decades in Corporate India are for legends. From setting up the ITC Hotels and the Bhadrachalam Paper Boards and making it to the Board of ITC at an incredibly young age in those years was as much incredible as it was unquestionably deserving.

His strong goal focus and demonstrating his rule of “Make Things Happen” got him to complete the putting up of Bhadrachalam Paper Boards ahead of schedule and below budget. Recalling the proud achievement, he would say “I wrote to the British bosses on a paper that rolled out first out of the factory and pointed out that it was before time and below cost, thanks to a dedicated team that toiled diligently and with a purpose”. 

Mr Sarin departed ITC when he was the Deputy Chairman to take the command of Voltas as its President & CEO – when he was headhunted in a nationally celebrated, first of its kind leadership search for a Tata Company. He shook the company up with leadership changes and setting a very sharp culture of business performance. He left Voltas to setup UTC Carrier’s Indian operations for air conditioning in 1987 and years later for their Refrigeration business with yet another beautiful factory in Bangalore.

I have in my professional life spanning over 40 years, have practiced, preached & broadcasted the – ‘Sarin Laws’ heavily to create a better version of myself, each day. 

Rest in Peace, Sir for I will carry your legacy in my heart & conduct.

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