News-More Professionals Interested In Companies That Offer Work-From-Home Indefinitely: BridgeLabz Survey

More than 1000 men and women participated in the Work Model Preferences survey, and more than 50% feel the WFH model doesn’t make a difference in productivity levels


India’s 1st and only marketplace for deep tech talent, BridgeLabz, revealed through a survey that more people are looking for jobs at companies offering permanent remote work. More than 1000 men and women, of which 49.60% are working remotely, from Tier 1, 2 & 3 cities of the country participated in the Work Model Preferences survey.

91.47% of the participants said they are interested in joining the company offering remote work indefinitely. About 48.81% of respondents prefer working remotely, and 27.78% prefer the hybrid model.

Interestingly, 51.59% of the respondents believe that working remotely did not change their productivity levels. 31.13% of the participants used remote work to upskill to new courses and develop new skills, while 23.41% felt working remotely helped increase work efficiency. More than 70% of people think they found better job opportunities working remotely.

Talking about the survey findings, BridgeLabz founder Mr. Narayan Mahadevan said, “It is interesting that when companies are planning to open up offices to full strength, most professionals prefer or are looking for remote work. It indicates that the companies must consider the working model preference while formulating job offers. Given the competition in the market for talent, companies have an uphill battle at hand.”

As a leading AWS-recognized incubator that solves tech employability issues in the country, BridgeLabz ensures that engineering graduates get employed with the required skill sets.

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