Monday Blues Affects 72 Per Cent Women: Says Survey

The study unveils the correlation between workplace and employees’ mental health through a different dimension


According to Fiama’s Mental Well-being Survey 2022, 72 per cent of women feel Monday morning blues, 9 out of 10 women feel exhausted and 64 per cent of the working women feel stressed returning to the office after one or two days of weekend off. The figures also reveal that one-third of the women think anxious about how others perceive their body. About 66 per cent of Delhiites say that work causes stress. About 46 per cent of people in Delhi listen to music to reduce stress, while 39 per cent meditate and 36 per cent do yoga. About 71 per cent of people in Delhi will not see a therapist, but 35 per cent will go for therapy if recommended by a friend or family.

According to the data from Fiama’s Mental Well-being Survey 2022 says that 81 per cent of millennials consider the workplace to be the highest contributor to their stress level, which constitutes work pressure, a toxic environment and bad bosses. While one-third of GenZ find that body image issue leaves a negative impact on their mental health. 

A significant 66 per cent of people in Bangalore and 68 per cent in Mumbai admit that work-related stress is the major cause of concern. 60 per cent of stressed people in Bangalore do not prefer to consult it with any therapist while 27 per cent will approach a therapist regularly on friend or family recommendation. 

Resolving the issue of mental stress, 43 per cent of Bangaloreans listen to music, 39 per cent prefer meditation and 36 per cent choose yoga as a resort. Mumbai dwellers avoid seeing therapists for their mental issues while one in three consults on the recommendation of their closest ones. 

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