Microsoft Sacks Close To 1000 Employees

The resultant action for last 3-4 months can be due to a slowdown in the global markets, fears of recession, and a funding winter.


Tech behemoth Microsoft has been in news again for layoff news. Laid off employees took to twitter to break the news to the world. 

The company said in a statement, “Today we had a small number of role eliminations. Like all corporations, we consider our enterprise priorities frequently, and make structural changes accordingly."

They further added, “We will proceed to take a position in our enterprise and rent in key areas in the year forward.”

As per US news website Axios, Microsoft has fired almost 1,000 employees. And this doesn't end here, the report further stated that employees across several levels and teams around the world were handed pink slips.

According to the report, this step is in line with large tech companies cutting jobs after slowing down hiring. 

Now, to the amazement of many this tech behemoth si not the only tech giant going through downsizing rounds. 

Meta, the parent company of social media platform Facebook too is following the footsteps of these tech giants; trying to reduce costs by letting go of roughly 12,000 people, as per reports on discussion forum Blind. 

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