Mettl Enables India Inc In Business Continuity Amid COVID-19

With employees working from home and an environment of business uncertainties, it’s a difficult time for organizations to keep their employees motivated and positive.


Amid the Coronavirus scare when dynamics of business operations are being bent globally, Mercer | Mettl extends its cutting-edge services to help organizations keep their talent recruitment and management processes on track. Its technology-based online ecosystem is equipped with a range of advanced assessment tools and technology-driven recruitment solutions that recruiters can leverage to remotely interview, hire candidates, and strategically devise their long-term leadership development plans. The offerings from Mercer | Mettl also helps educational institutions conduct their entrance and term examinations in a credible, scalable, authentic and cost-effective manner when social distancing and mobility lockdown run the order of the day.

Speaking on the occasion, Siddhartha Gupta, CEO, Mercer | Mettl, said, “The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted businesses the world over in various ways and the talent recruitment & management industry is no exception. Given the severity of the crisis, it’s mission-critical for companies as well as educational institutions to proactively adopt technological solutions to not only keep up their operations but also mitigate the concomitant losses. This is precisely where our array of assessment tools and recruitment solutions enter the picture. We believe our cutting-edge products can be extremely helpful to prevent a business slowdown in these testing times.”

As companies are now focused on allowing the workforce to work remotely and educational institutions have waivered attendance in schools and colleges, Mercer | Mettl offers some key digital solutions that can be leveraged to maintain the efficiency of core functions:

Educational Institutions: Remote Proctoring and Online Examination

Instead of postponing entrance and term-end examinations, universities can opt for AI-enabled remotely proctored online examination practicing social distancing in its spirit. Students can appear for these examinations from anywhere anytime from the comfort of their homes without the mandatory requirement of manual invigilation. The remote-proctored examination is a robust way to maintain the security and integrity of a physical examination center. Such examinations can either be held entirely on Mercer | Mettl’s digital platform or else their remote proctoring feature can be integrated as an add-on to the existing exam platform of an institution. The inclusion of detailed analytics and an audit trail ensures the right checks and balances for the result declaration.  

Corporate Hiring: Virtual Screening and Interviews 

Now that face-to-face interviews seem out of bounds for some time, recruitment has become challenging for companies. Mercer | Mettl offers a host of digital solutions to ensure recruitment plans continue and the business runs smoothly. There is an end-to-end virtual hiring platform available with them that can effectively screen candidates online by leveraging multiple assessment batteries and also conduct structured online and telephonic interviews at the same time. Also available are especially designed virtual platforms for coding interviews to test candidates on specific coding skills and competencies.

Corporate L&D: Virtual Assessment Centre and Digital L&D Suite

Organizations around the world are planning to put their L&D programs and employee engagement initiatives on hold because of social isolation measures in place. However, organizations can leverage virtual L&D solutions to effectively continue with their business-critical L&D initiatives for succession planning, HiPo identification and leadership development. A shift from physical assessment centres to Virtual Assessment Centres (VACs) can solve organizational L&D challenges at a time when physical attendance is to be minimized to the extent possible. These VACs simulate real-world physical assessment centre exercises to bring in the right kind of employee development solutions that will help organizations sustain business continuity.

Employee engagement is another crucial business function that gets jeopardized with this public health emergency. With employees working from home and an environment of business uncertainties, it’s a difficult time for organizations to keep their employees motivated and positive. Organizations can successfully employ digital solutions offered by Mercer | Mettl like virtual hackathon platforms to conduct ideathons and contests. These contests can effectively help employees brainstorm on innovative ideas while working from home and engage them positively in problem-solving for a complex range of business challenges.    

Aligning technology with the right vision can contain the Covid-19 disruption and help organizations ensure business continuity, employee safety and engagement simultaneously.

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