Meditation will help you to keep your mind calm in this pandemic

We are constantly, would say barraged with dire news about the evolving of Coronavirus in the whole country


“You’re not alone in this, we are together”. Recently we have overheard many times in this pandemic. If you’re feeling anxious and stressed out due to this Coronavirus, then you’re not alone. This Outbreak has made us feel more stressed and uncertain than ever. The rising statistics of covid19 patients every day making us all feel more helpless. For many people this situation is even worse, it’s about life and death.  

We are constantly, would say barraged with dire news about the evolving of Coronavirus in the whole country. There’s a complete disruption in our daily routine and work. We are locked in our homes and it’s a lot to take in for everyone. So, it’s very ordinary to have uncomfortable feelings and thoughts that are whirling around in your mind and heart right now. It’s a saying by Buddha that ‘Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own thoughts, unguarded’ so what can be done to cope up with these thoughts? 

The Answer to this is Meditation. 

Meditation is a simple and fastest way to reduce stress. In history, it’s been originated in India by the cave yogis and vedic sages thousands of years ago and originally meant to help deepen understanding of universal forces of life. But now in the modern world, it’s commonly used for relaxation and reduction of stress. Spending even a few minutes in meditation daily can sweep away your stress and bring in the inner peace that you want. Any person of any age group can practice meditation. It’s a simple and inexpensive method that doesn’t require any specific apparatus. The good thing about meditation is that you can practice it anywhere, it’s not necessarily that you have to go out to meditate. 

During Meditation, it’s important to focus your attention and eliminate unwanted thoughts that are crowded in your mind and causing stress. Meditation is the best way to manage your stress and enhance your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. While meditation is the best therapy for depression, it’s been said that doing Yoga with meditation is the best way to associate with inner peace. It’s observed that Meditation and Yoga have a direct and indirect impact on your psychology. There are many well-known meditation practitioners in India and they follow some particular points while meditating. Here are some of the tips that are required to practice a good meditation. 

1. Focusing your attention is the most important thing required for meditation. This will free your mind from any distractions that cause stress and anxiety. While meditating focuses on an image, a specific object, or a mantra. Your focus should be that great that you can’t even hear the voice in your own mind. 

2. Another thing that should be kept in mind is while meditating one needs to take deep breaths. The purpose of doing this is to slow your breathing and take in more oxygen so that you can feel light and relaxed.

3. As a beginner practicing mediation in a quiet place with fewer distractions is good. As one may get more skilled in meditation, then they can meditate anytime and anywhere, even in a high-stress situation. 

4. Meditation is an exercise of relaxing and healing, so it's good if it is done in the open like a garden or on a terrace. Fresh air will calm you down and you’ll feel refreshed.

5.  This process is for the weakness of your mind and body, so while meditating most importantly one should keep their body in a very comfortable position. It doesn’t matter that you are sitting on a chair or on a floor, or even you are lying down. You just should not have any kind of object around you as a distraction. If you’ll be in an uncomfortable position there’s no chance that you’ll be focused while meditating. 

6. There are some misconceptions too about meditation that it takes too much time or it is boring. There are no such boundaries for anyone regarding the time, you are free to choose a time duration to meditate. Meditation is not boring it is a therapeutic exercise for decreasing your stress level. 

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