Medikabazaar Plans To Double Its Workforce

The company plans to hire skilled candidates from IITs and IIMs; the expansion of the workforce to 1200 would take place commensurately over the next few quarters


Medikabazaar, Medical and HealthTech procurement platform, today announced that following the strengthening of its Executive team, the company would target expansion of its workforce, which is expected to double by the end of the financial year. The company’s current workforce includes over 600 individuals, including off-roll employees and the new talent acquisitions will enable it to meet the growing demand for its multitude of offerings. The company would also look at hiring skilled candidates from leading institutes including the IITs and IIMs. The expansion of the workforce to ~1200 would take place commensurately over the next few quarters in line with Medikabazaar’s aggressive growth plans.

The pandemic has put pressure on many industries who have been forced to lay off people. Medikabazaar is bucking this trend with plans to go on a major hiring spree. Even before the pandemic in 2019, Medikabazaar had provided opportunities to many people who were laid-off by a food delivery platform for roles in inside sales. The current planned expansion will once again see Medikabazaar exploring talent for its niche high growth market.

The last fiscal has seen a remarkable rise in Medikabazaar’s operations accompanied by growth in terms of manpower. With over 100,000 established corporates, hospitals and government bodies, over 150,000 individual small buyers and more than 15,000 seller partners already on-board, the company is aiming for a 300% growth through FY 2021-22.

Mr. Vivek Tiwari, CEO, Medikabazaar put the spotlight on the roadmap for the future, “Our near term focus has been on and will continue to be on strengthening our core offerings in various categories and catalysing our supply chain, operations, and technology to ensure business competitiveness. The expansion of our team will ensure that we will continue to build on our proven success and prepare for a sustained growth phase. Medikabazaar is today at an inflection point and the proposed doubling of the workforce will be the highest addition made since the company began operations. The addition to the workforce will be across departments and will ensure the right mix of skills for the digital future that will include AI, ML, IoT and AR/VR technology based services to enhance customer experience and make it more intuitive.”


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