Making Room for Alterations can Help Company Sail Through Difficult Times

The employees should be educated about the crucial role pertaining to the basic business fundamentals and the management of assembling a thousand queries at the same time.


Humans have come a long way ahead surviving many resistances down the history. Finding a solution for every problem is something we are really good at. From the time prehistoric man discovered fire to converting the running of wheels into a modern-day car for transportation, our lineage seems determined to overcome any obstacle in our way.

Though in recent times, we are faced with an unwanted lash of COVID-19, being unprepared at the first majority of us were taken aback. But every problem comes with a solution. Likewise, unable to turn blind eyes to the ongoing situation and realizing that life can’t stay stagnant, alterations were made in the lifestyle.

The most important revolution has been made in the workplace atmosphere that has accepted the new changes with alacrity to accommodate the progressive functionalities which do not compromise on the productivity of the employees.

Face to face contact – a way to bond with the team

Instant messaging software can help remote teams to keep in touch. Companies should deploy video conferencing technology in a variety of ways. Leaders can use it to check in with employees regularly, teams should use it to communicate and collaborate throughout the day, and there could also be dedicated channels that simulate casual “watercooler” conversations. Provide ample opportunities for employees to make virtual eye contact and connect on a deeper level.

Moreover, in modern workplace with a mature outlook, everything should be served in one plate from plan, projects and ideas. On-time meetings and deadline needs to be scheduled beforehand. The software can serve a twofold task, one of communication and the other of aligning all the meetings.

Recognize good work and good deeds.

In order to get the maximum outcome, leaders need to put their belief in the capabilities of the worker. Positive outcomes centre on empowering employees, delegating them with independent responsibilities and authority to implement ideas freely brings consistency in the workplace.

Hence in the process, people do extraordinary work and demonstrate astonishing kindness in crises. Make sure to encourage them to recognize each other in whatever ways are available. Everything in the workplace has changed, but what keeps employees motivated and what employers and leaders can do remains the same. As employees adjust to how, when and where they work, it’s a great opportunity for employers to do a better job at what they already know is important. Management should take extra steps to recognize and, if practical, reward employees for going the extra mile to help colleagues.

Channelizing mechanism to provide guidance

It is quite natural that in the journey people may deviate and seek guidance from leaders who are leading the management. But employees are generally unclear about whom to report and whom not to. This naturally becomes vexing for both the company as well as the employee and gets loaded on the shoulders of the management with an ample number of queries to be resolved. The employees should be educated about the crucial role pertaining to the basic business fundamentals and the management of assembling a thousand queries at the same time.

The things may fall from the hands if not entertained at the right time. A planned and uniform platform should be created where employees can file their queries, attendance, leaves and understand their payroll and taxation with asset control.

Communication and interdependency of a team also need to be achieved while offering an integrated tool to reach out to the HR and Admin at a click of a mouse. It should be customizable and user-friendly platform that would work on behalf of renowned HR Management ERP Tools. Communication must flow within a defined line when it comes to the corporate world. It is supposed to be organized and synchronized. To align the right communication graph and task management from the top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top, a hierarchy of interdependency needs to be created where respective team leaders button-up their work and thread reports to their respective seniors. In such a way, the problem of task management is fixated. If the communication hierarchy goes well-maintained, the tasks given will equally be managed.

Moreover, in the current conditions companies that are putting their employees in new situations, such as working from home, should quickly create online guides or short tutorials on topics such as how to use online conferencing tools, how to manage your time while juggling responsibilities at home, coping with isolation, etc. This provides leadership and again demonstrates empathy.

Encouraging employees through success stories

Everyone is stressed as the impact of COVID-19 continues to be felt globally. If possible, dedicate a team of people to help employees. For example, one company repurposed a “life events services team” that prepares employees for retirement, maternity leave, medical leave and other circumstances. Those people – plus reallocated staff from HR – now handle virus questions and track people at risk of exposure, helping as needed.

Companies are working through a slew of challenges. Show employees their work is meaningful by sharing great outcomes. So that they can feel motivated.

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