Majority Of Organisations Lag In Talent Development Initiatives

High-Performing Organisations landed at the sophisticated maturity level and specifically, exemplified higher maturity levels in these three dimensions: Learning & Development, Talent Mobility and Talent Reporting, Data & Analytics


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Cornerstone OnDemand, today announced the release of its 2023 Talent Health Index: India edition, providing a comprehensive view of the state of talent programmes across organisations in India. The report reveals that the majority of organisations in India are lagging in their talent development initiatives, emphasising the crucial need for organisations to construct a comprehensive talent strategy aimed at bridging the workforce skills gap and adapting to sweeping workplace changes.

Key findings from the Talent Health Index (THI) Report

• Most organisations have significant room for talent program improvement: The average THI for organisations in India placed them in the ‘Administrative’ maturity level, demonstrating a mastery of the basics but a very early exploration of new innovation. At this level, talent programmes are behind in automation and organisations lack a robust learning strategy.

• Organisations are slow to adopt emerging talent innovation: Only 17 per cent of organisations say they leverage a sophisticated set of learner-centric tools to streamline talent processes and information, and more than 55 per cent of organisations stated they are not yet leveraging AI technology to optimise their talent.

• Organisations need to take comprehensive action to master skills intelligence: Only 39 per cent of organisations surveyed focus on identifying the current and future skilling needs, aligned with business strategy.

High-Performing Organisations are Fit for the Future Not all organisations are lagging in maturity.

The report showed that organisations that rated themselves higher in customer satisfaction, productivity, employee retention and overall performance — categorised as High-Performing Organisations (HPOs) —exhibited a notably higher score on the Talent Health Index as well. On average, HPOs landed at the Sophisticated maturity level and, specifically, exemplified higher maturity levels in these three dimensions: Learning & Development, Talent Mobility and Talent Reporting, Data & Analytics.

Organisations must invest in a well-rounded, multi-faceted talent management strategy to thrive amidst evolving workplace challenges. The average Talent Health Index score in this first India edition placed organisations in the “Administrative” maturity level, suggesting there is a lot of room for improvement. Talent leaders must act urgently and adopt a whole-system approach to build a comprehensive talent development ecosystem,” said Nishchae Suri, Managing Director - India, Cornerstone. The THI India edition will serve as a guide, helping organizations in India to identify significant opportunities, chart a path to success, and develop talent programmes and employee experiences that drive real business transformation.


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