Leveraging The Flexibility Of Online Learning

Flexibility is the hallmark of e-learning that hooks the students in and keeps their attention span intact.


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Technological advancement has made our lives easier. Online services are available for nearly every domain of our life. Especially during the pandemic, one of the industries that have proliferated its online services is the education industry. Students have started familiarising with the concept of online learning. The key reasons behind the boom in e-learning are enhanced productivity with convenient access!  

Flexibility: The Prime Asset 

Flexibility is the hallmark of e-learning that hooks the students in and keeps their attention span intact. This actually makes students feel more at ease. It is a student-friendly approach that helps augment learning processes due to its dynamic setting. The student's burden is considerably decreased as online materials and courses are accessible at any hour of the day. You can learn at your own pace and amassing the knowledge is the main aim of online education. You can also pursue extracurricular activities in your free time. It provides education in its true sense, and not just passing examinations to get a degree. It fosters an entrepreneurial and problem-solving attitude that can help students apply the learning into business and be job-ready too.  

Flexible learning via e-learning modules allows the learners to grasp the concept at their own pace. With recorded videos and e- notes available at the behest of one's wishes, learners can replay and retain better. The student attains self-motivation and the effort is self-directed, making you life ready. 

Cost Efficiency of Education is Online 

Online learning is indeed more cost-efficient as the costs of transportation, buying physical copies of textbooks are eliminated. Institutions are starting to focus more on pragmatic learning with implementation rather than being teacher-centric to the core. Owing to the setting we find ourselves in this pandemic, e-learning has enabled teachers to provide various online quizzes, puzzles, games, and perform different kinds of experiments so that learners can enjoy the process of learning and at the same time, gain knowledge.  

Experiential learning is what prepares the child for employability. Group study and collaboration on projects outside the classroom makes it easier for the child to escape factory-style classrooms. You do not churn out children with herd mentality but individual thinkers.  

Tending To The Unique  

Our biological clocks differ, and for the night owls, online learning fits perfectly and adds icing to the cake! In this case, it helps them put their energy into learning whenever they wish to so they can do other chores or activities during the day. Unlike the traditional setting, e-learning does not force the learners to abide by strict schedules but aids you in being free to explore your true potential.  

Today's generation is addicted to their phones. Online learning apps turn this addiction into something fruitful! Students can now type on their mobiles rather than using pen and highlighters, thereby fastening note taking and aiding retention mechanisms of the mind!  

Leveraging The Scope of Education  

A plethora of subjects is thrown open to the populace which didn't find scope in a traditional setting, thereby widening the horizons of thinking. Unlike traditional learning, a Science major can now do a course on literature studies at the same time! The limitations of traditional learning are now diminishing day by day. The student is free to choose the subjects according to the areas of his interests. Every learner is unique, and e-learning caters to learner's needs on an individual level. With the power of digital tools, online assessments come in handy.  

Studies show that 98% of children feel that they learn more online than in brick and mortar schools. 

Wrapping Up 

In the same way, educators may use different images, videos, and audios to keep the class engaged. Undoubtedly, virtual learning is more fun and innovative. Moreover, educators can give quick and transparent feedback to the students as the manual evaluation is replaced by digital. Learners may also opt for this approach when they require more credits to enter various universities.   

Technology may make learning more relaxed, but appropriate efforts must be taken by the students, guardians as well as the educators. 

Opportunities are provided in plenty. It is your responsibility to grab them by the horns and use them to your advantage. Let us leverage the flexibility of e-learning in the best possible ways and be a better learner every day.

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