Leverage Edu Announces New Elevation Within Their Team

Global Study Abroad platform, Leverage Edu announced three elevations in the core team to pave the way for the next level of business growth.


As part of this, Digvijay Gagneja, presently COO, will be “Co-founder & Global COO”. Digvijay had joined the company in early 2020, and leads Supply (University Relationships) & Product for the company. He is presently based out of the company’s London office, and is a Director in its UK subsidiary. Next up, Aman Arora, who had joined Leverage right after its first institutional round in January 2019, will move from being Co-founder & Head of Technology to “Co-founder & CTO”, officially donning the top tech role in the org. This is followed by Rachit Juneja, who joined Leverage from its early investor Blume Ventures’ stable, in summer ‘21, moving to “COO, Platform Business”, and as part of this role will be leading the company’s foray into financial services under the brand as well as its recent pilot in student accommodation.

 Interestingly, this is not the first time that the company is making employees who have joined through the journey as Co-founders in the organisation. Speaking on the announcement, Akshay Chaturvedi added: “I am thrilled to be building alongside as powerful high-ownership individuals as them. All of them are extraordinary at what they do. With Digvijay, who besides his core role also works with me on key strategic levers, I have never felt this isn’t as much his company. His passion pierces right through. In Aman, we are all lucky to have a no-nonsense prodigy who believes in delivering. His official CTO alignment is mere nomenclature, he’s been playing that role for quite a while. Rachit, has by far demonstrated the fastest sub-unit growth in the business, beating all of us. Besides 12x-ing the annual loan book, 10x-ing the monthly forex GTV in 8 months, he’s at the centre of a lot of new things we are trying out to complete the student ecosystem.”

 Leverage closed FY 2022 with a ₹40Cr revenue, and had announced targeting a ₹100Cr+ revenue in FY 2023, in its core university admissions business. It was last valued at ~₹900 Cr in its Series B last year, and is backed by Blume Ventures, Kaizenvest Private Equity, DSG Consumer Partners, DSP Mutual Fund Investments, Artha India Ventures, Tomorrow Capital, UAE-based NB Ventures, Family offices of Chona Group (Havmor ice-cream), FMCG player Vicco, Mankind Pharma, 9Unicorns, Bennett Coleman (Times Group), Singularity Growth Fund among others.

In response to a query, the company mentioned that they will also bring in an India COO, as well as a CMO, in the next 8-12 months, both roles reporting into Chaturvedi.

“We continue to build a fundamentally strong business, and a culture in parallel that appreciates when someone raises their hand higher, plays their heart out while operating. It is my endeavour to have most of our top roles fill in internally, and everyone moves levels in their careers as the company grows. That’s what we are building for, and that is the message we want to send out with this”, Chaturvedi adds.

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