Kognoz Unveils Unified Talent Efficient Model

By integrating behavioural science, ML, LLM and NLP technologies, the system extracts contextual insights from AI driven interviews which helps assess behavioural traits of candidates, aligning them with job requisites


Kognoz, India’s technology-driven people consulting company, elevates talent acquisition by announcing the launch of, a groundbreaking AI-driven hiring solution. This product marks a paradigm shift in the hiring process by enabling organisations to conduct interviews without human intervention, harnessing advanced AI technology to assess personality traits, cognitive abilities, motivations and emotions of interviewees, all benchmarked against industry standards.

Commenting on the launch, Lokesh Nigam, co-founder and director, Kognoz, said, "The launch of marks a significant milestone in the world of talent acquisition. By combining the power of AI with behavioural science, we are addressing long-standing challenges in the hiring process. Several challenges prompted the launch of, including high costs per hire, excessive attrition rates, extended time to productivity, skills mismatch, evolving job roles, prolonged recruitment processes, and limited assessment solutions. I firmly believe that our product will be a game changer in the industry and will successfully elevate the overall hiring experience."

The talent acquisition landscape faces multiple challenges from shrinking talent pools, heightened competition, skill mismatches due to evolving roles and lengthy recruitment processes. Hence,'s launch addresses these challenges with AI-driven solutions, streamlining talent acquisition and empowering informed decisions in a rapidly evolving industry. This innovative approach eliminates the limitations of traditional hiring methods, addressing several constraints faced by the industry.

Distinguishing itself from existing market offerings, diverges from resume-centric screening. By integrating profound behavioural science, advanced machine learning models and large language model (LLM) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies, the system extracts contextual insights from AI driven interviews. This enables quantitatively assessing candidates' behavioural traits and aligning them with job requisites—both against level and nature of work.

The results have been impressive, with a 45 per cent reduction in the time taken to hire someone. Testing the system with over 3500+ candidates and companies in India, demonstrates the value of AI-driven conversational intelligence in streamlining the hiring process. plans to roll out initial adoption in India and the APAC regions. 

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