Keep Updating Yourself Every Two To Three Years: Dr A Velumani, Founder & MD, Thyrocare

At the recent BW Education’s Future of Management Education Conclave, Dr A Velumani, Founder & MD, Thyrocare shared valuable lessons for building a bright future.


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a crisis situation for the already aching country's job market with ground realities of the industry has changed massively. However, amidst all these, contributions to the betterment in the direction from some people are hugely commendable.

Dr A Velumani, Founder & MD, Thyrocare said, “I took a decision that when I own a company, I will give jobs only to freshers; and till date, I have given jobs to 8000 freshers in my organisation that employs ten thousand people across ten thousand towns in ten countries.”

Talking about the generation gap in every five years, Velumani asserted that one needs to keep updating themselves in order to stay relevant. He feels that in every two to three generation a lot of changes happen, and business schools can’t teach all nuisances of life journey in terms of job, business or life. He said, “B-schools can only teach fundamentals. They will help you to make statements but how to write the story, everyone has to learn while journeying.” He believes that one needs to learn how to live without resources as it will help in working with low resources.

Velumani experienced hardships of his journey in establishing his diagnostic brand of Thyrocare. Belonging from a small village of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, he faced difficulties as fresher in securing a job but today, he gives chances to freshers to prove their worth. He shared, “Knowledge is everything and business schools cannot give you adequate knowledge that is needed for years down the line. So keep updating yourself every two to three years on what is happening new in the society, corporate and businesses."


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