Just Let The People Speak, And An HR Should Listen To Them- Anuradha Bharat, Head People Operations, Razorpay Softwares

BW People launches 40 Under 40 HR List - in association with BW Businessworld which is a hunt for 40 insightful and talented HR professionals who have the zeal to bring about a change in the industry.


From adapting technological disruption with AI and ML to innovating new ways of executing & performance management, HRs are no more just a support function of a company. BW rewarded top 40 stellar, exceptional and extraordinary HR professionals to join the BW People 40 under 40 List of 2020.

The panellists of the fifth session were- Anuradha Bharat, Head People Operations, Razorpay Softwares, Nikita Zutshi, VP-HR, MakeMyTrip and Deepa Wadhwani, Director & Head of Talent Acquisition, ADP who spoke on “Impactful HR Strategies for the 2020s”. The session was chaired by Shruti Mishra, Lead HR (Retail & Talent Acquisition), PUMA Sports India.

As an HR professional, talking about the key initiatives that has had an impact on the community Anuradha Bharat, Head People Operations, Razorpay Softwares said, “Your closest influencing circles today, are your family your team, and your leaders and it’s important to take care of them”. There is a lot of stigma that is attached to a person's mental and emotional wellbeing and looking at it holistically is extremely important. There is a rise in personalisation, emotional connect, and humanisation. She concluded saying, “Just let the people speak, and an HR should listen to them”.

Nikita Zutshi, VP-HR, MakeMyTrip said, “What is most important for us is our people and we have been very consistent in sharing our communication”. She spoke how engagement with the employees is extremely important especially right now as everyone is anxious about losing their job. She futheron spoke about the importance of asking the employees about their personal life apart from their professional life. “We are able to move faster, in a more agile manner and earning has become more flexible”, she stated.

Deepa Wadhwani, Director & Head of Talent Acquisition, ADP spoke about the initiatives that are important to take care of the wellbeing of the employees. “HR has been all about emotional connect, but right now we are going to see a new avatar of HR which is powered by technology” she said. She concluded the session stating her top learning from the new learning which is all about balancing the work, and keeping truth as the key factor


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