Indian Service Sector Getting Ready With ‘Work From Home' As Covid Cases Are Surging Again

China is witnessing a high jump in the covid cases, which eventually became a source of concern for the rest of the countries worldwide


Taking a cautious approach towards the resurgence of the new variant of Covid-19, companies of multiple sectors in India are recognising the work-from-home culture as the mode of work for employees again. 

 China is witnessing a high jump in the covid cases, which eventually became a concern for the rest of the countries worldwide. 

 India, the land of various service sectors, is finding ways to prepare itself to tackle the fourth wave. The last experience of Covid-19 has brought up working from home as the most effective and convenient method to maintain the balance between employees' health and companies' productivity rate. 

 However, it cannot be denied that companies were hesitant to continue the work from home when the covid situation got tempered in 2022. Giant firms of multiple industries either roped in hybrid or completely work from office mode of working.

 Commenting on the step taken by companies adopting work from home again, Jaideep Kewalramani, Head of Employability Business & COO, TeamLease Edtech said, "Inherently, Indian businesses are very adaptive and quick to respond. While in 2020, some businesses stumbled for the first few weeks, this time around their plans will be ready well in advance. Albeit we must be prudent and not overreact. A weekly risk assessment is important. If the rate of spread of this strain is similar to what we saw in 2020 and as deadly, we will experience the full force in a few weeks."

 The severity of the first and second waves of Covid-19 is well known. However, the IT sector succeeded in surviving as it embraced strategic methods. 

 While Anjali Byce, CHRO, STL (Sterlite Technologies) stated, Consequently, 'learning on the fly' during the first wave has made us very agile and responsive to rapidly changing scenarios. We are keeping a laser focus on an ever-evolving situation and government stipulations. Since it is the holiday season and our teams are travelling across the globe, we encourage everyone to take requisite precautions, quarantine if they test positive, and take a covid test before resuming work."

 Along with the government guidelines, every company is rolling out its regulations to resist another wave that hits its growth. Working from home is the most suitable way for employers and employees. 

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