Incorporating LGBTQ+ Equality Into The Workplace

Moving beyond tokenism & taglines to tangible actions


Same sex relationships are still seeking legalisation in the country as well as, globally. When the laws of a nation do not support an individual’s orientation, the efforts of an organisation can only go so far. Even then, companies are striving to be more inclusive, spread awareness and create sensitivity around LGBTQ+ communities and members.

Sonica Aron, Managing Partner, Marching Sheep, who moderated the discussion, pointed out that many organisations are still striving to make a dent in gender disparity, making LGBTQ+ a pipedream.

Subir Verma, Chief – HR, IR, HS, Tata Power-DDL, “every organisation has a tagline about diversity, but it needs to move beyond tokenism.”

Zainab Javid Patel, Chief Inclusion & Diversity, Pernord Ricard India implored that we stop using words that alienate groups. Patel says, “Actions begin with words that decide our attitudes.”

Farangis Choudhary, Head – Diversity & Inclusion, Mindtree, stated that its importance to know the difference between talking about one’s sexual preferences versus their rights. Choudhary states that one’s preferences are private and it is our duty to be allies and create equal opportunity.

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