In one week, unemployment hikes from 9.81% to 10.72% in India

The pandemic has hit rural employment hard with a steady increase in unemployment rates in the last week


The Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) noted a steep rise from 9.81 per cent on April 10 to 10.72% on April 18 according to sources.

The statistics point that Haryana’s unemployment rate for 2020-21 stands at 28.1 per cent. The smallest state Goa is facing 22.1% unemployment and Delhi at 9.4%. With 9% UT Jammu and Kashmir face the lowest employment rates comparatively. To bring down the unemployment rates in J&K, a total sum of Rs. 12,000 crores were sanctioned by the Jammu & Kashmir government to various projects that would hire locally. 

With the second wave of the pandemic hitting India, Coronavirus is the biggest factor behind this rise. Most of the factories in the state of Maharashtra are working at half capacity in various parts of the country and seven days long mini lockdown imposed in the national capital, Delhi has worsened the conditions.

The health sector is running on thin ice with a lack of proper resources and an inadequate workforce. The increasing number of cases throughout the country is very startling and has directly hit small and medium-sized industries, forcing the labourers to move towards agriculture to make the two ends meet.


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