ITTL'23 Pune Edition: Unveiling Transformative Tech Dialogues Across Pune

MyAnatomy's India Tech Talent League has concluded its triumphant journey across Hyderabad, Bangalore and Pune and is now poised to leave its imprint on the nation's capital, Delhi for the grand finale


The India Tech Talent League 2023, organised by MyAnatomy and supported by BW People, established partnerships with key entities such as THub (Knowledge Partner), Chitkara (University Partner), TASK (Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge) as the Skilling Partner, CEED as the Innovation Partner, and Ontrapi as the Startup Ecosystem Partner. These collaborations, all driven by a shared mission to foster a fair and level playing field for technology talent, unfolded on November 22, 2023 in Pune.  

This meticulously arranged one-day conference, orchestrated by Chinmay Kumar Dash and the Bengaluru-based organisation MyAnatomy, in collaboration with BW People, brought together a distinguished assembly of leaders. This diverse gathering included CEOs, CXOs, CHROs, academic luminaries, industry stalwarts and influential thought leaders, all converging on a unified platform.

22nd November 2023 marked a significant day in the cultural and educational landscape of Pune, Maharashtra, as the ITTL'23 embarked on its third chapter. The event served as a focal point for exploring the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation on both education and employment.

"The ITTL event in Pune emerged as a triumphant fusion of intellect and innovation, uniting the brightest minds from academia and industry. Our exploration delved into the profound impact of AI and automation, unraveling both challenges and opportunities. In the era of digital revolution, AI and automation guide us, illuminating innovative solutions and untapped potential. At MyAnatomy, we don't stand on the sidelines; we actively engage in this transformation, cultivating a platform that celebrates India's tech leaders and nurtures a seamless relationship between technology and talent. With anticipation building for our upcoming and last event in Delhi, our commitment remains steadfast in pushing the boundaries of what's possible and reshaping the future of technology and talent," shared Chinmay Kumar Dash, Founder & CEO of MyAnatomy.

J A Chowdary, Founder of the International Startup Foundation (ISF) and former Chief Secretary & IT Advisor to the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh delved into the ever-expanding landscape of cutting-edge technologies, emphasising their regular emergence and transformative impact on the business landscape. He cast a spotlight on the pivotal role of Pune, portraying it as a thriving hub for startups, where innovation and entrepreneurship converge to shape the city's dynamic future.

Watch the live feed of ITTL'23 Hyderabad Edition here.

In a fireside chat with Talees Rizvi, Director- BW People & BW CFO World, J A Chowdary proposed the creation of an environment in every school and college that fosters learning about new technologies. This, he explained, would empower the younger generation with the skills needed to adeptly handle technological shifts.

Talees Rizvi, Director of BW People and BW CFO World, conveyed his enthusiasm following the remarkable success of the Pune edition. He expressed, "Partnering with visionaries such as MyAnatomy to delve into the latest industry trends and the future of work is a privilege. Hosting over 350 leaders who generously shared their industry experiences and insights with the leaders of tomorrow fills us with pride. Anticipation is high as we look forward to revealing the last and most exciting chapter in the ITTL’23 series, scheduled for Delhi."

Dhwanit Malani, CEO of Bitwise, stated that AI is more than a mere tool; it's a catalyst for significant outcomes, and it falls upon us to infuse it with purpose and propel its evolution. He explained that universities, being the architects of future talent, play a pivotal role by weaving crucial threads like data science, machine learning and AI into their courses.

In the riveting panel discussion themed "Disruption to Innovation: How AI and Automation Are Reshaping Talent Management," a cadre of industry maestros delved into various facets of AI, its merits and practical strategies for its optimal implementation. The resounding consensus among the experts was a declaration that we are firmly entrenched in the AI generation, underscoring its pervasive influence across every industry.

Vaibhav Kumar Srivastava, Lead - Education and early stage Edtech, Google public sector, Google delved into the interconnectedness of GenAI and education, addressing the gap between industry needs and university education. He elucidated how GenAI contributes to enhancing creativity and productivity for both students and educators, fostering innovation in advanced computing technologies.

Watch the live feed of ITTL'23 Bangalore Edition here. 

In the panel discussion on "Future of Education & Employability in the AI & Automation Era”, experts delved into the significant challenge of employability, recognising it as a major concern for both educational institutions and companies alike. The discussion revolved around exploring strategies to mitigate these challenges.

During a crucial roundtable discussion on ‘Campus vs Corporate Faceoff’, participants engaged in a deep exploration of vital themes. On the corporate front, the conversation scrutinized challenges related to the competency gap, time constraints, resource limitations, and the implications of automation. Simultaneously, the university viewpoint shed light on concerns about syllabus alignment, proficiency standards, limited industry exposure and resource constraints.

Master of Bharatanatyam, Rashmi Suresh Patil’s performance not only captivated the audience but also echoed the vibrant cultural spirit, setting the stage for an exhilarating series of festivities.

ITTL’23 has concluded its triumphant journey across Hyderabad, Bangalore, and the burgeoning tech hub, Pune, spanning three remarkable chapters. With each chapter, ITTL’23 has elevated its standards, reinforcing its irreplaceable significance. Now, poised to leave its imprint on the nation's capital, Delhi, ITTL’23 aims to extend the message of unity and innovation.

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