ITTL'23 Bangalore Edition: Charting The Course For Tech's Next Frontier

“The 2023 Bangalore ITTL was a triumphant symphony of intellect and innovation, bringing together more than 350 best minds in academia and industry. We explored the transformative power of AI and automation, unearthing challenges and opportunities," says Chinmay Kumar Dash, Founder & CEO, MyAnatomy


After the resounding success of the India Tech Talent League 2023 (ITTL '23) inaugural event in Hyderabad, MyAnatomy hosted the next leg of this prestigious conference at the Leela Palace, Bangalore on 2 November 2023. The meticulously planned one-day conference, brought to life by Chinmay Kumar Dash and his esteemed Bengaluru-based organisation, MyAnatomy, in collaboration with BW People, witnessed the convergence of eminent leaders from various sectors.

The event, which is powered by BW People, brought together more than 350 top executives, scholars, industry leaders and influential experts, all coming together on a common platform.

“The 2023 Bangalore ITTL was a triumphant symphony of intellect and innovation, bringing together the best minds in academia and industry. We explored the transformative power of AI and automation, unearthing challenges and opportunities. Amidst the digital revolution, AI and automation serve as our beacon, directing us to innovative solutions and untapped potential. At MyAnatomy, we're not just bystanders; we actively partake in this transformation, honing a platform that celebrates India's tech titans and fosters harmony between technology and talent. As we eagerly anticipate our upcoming events in Pune and Delhi, we stay committed to pushing the boundaries of the possible and redefining the future of technology and talent,” Chinmay Kumar Dash, Founder & CEO, MyAnatomy.

India Tech Talent League 2023 forged strategic alliances with THub as the Knowledge Partner, Chitkara as the University Partner, CEED as the Innovation Partner, TASK (Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge) as the Skilling Partner, TiE Bangalore as the Ecosystem Partner, and Ontropi as the Startup Ecosystem Partner, all harmoniously aligned in their mission to engender a milieu that offers uniform opportunities for technology talent.

The main theme of ITTL 2023 was "Talent-Technology-Transformation." ITTL23 Banglore Chapter provided insights into the future of talent management and employment in the age of AI and Automation. It encouraged discussions on how to bridge the gap between industry and education while exploring ways to make the most of the opportunities and tackle the challenges presented by these advanced technologies.

Talees Rizvi, Director of BW People and BW CFO World, expressed his excitement after the immense success of the Bangalore edition. He said, "It is our privilege to partner with visionaries like MyAnatomy to discuss the latest trends and the future of work across industries. We feel proud to host more than 350 leaders sharing their industry experience and insights with the leaders of tomorrow. We are eagerly waiting to unveil the next chapters in the series of ITTL’23 in Pune and Delhi."

The event kicked off with an enchanting lighting ceremony, accompanied by a spellbinding Kathak dance performance.

Stepping into the keynote spotlight was J A Chowdary, Ex-Special Chief Secretary & IT Advisor to the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. Chowdary embarked on a riveting narrative, unveiling the odyssey of Bangalore, which transitioned from a city with restricted global connectivity to a technological utopia, boasting an intricate amalgamation of historical, economic, and technological facets.

S.V. Nathan, the Partner and Chief Talent Officer at Deloitte, furnished profound perspectives on the confluence of education and employability. Bhimaraya Maitri, the Director of IIM Kanpur, delved into the future of education in the era of AI and automation.

When delving into discussions about technology, Tapan Mishra, the venerable Founder of SISIR Radar and a former Director at the Space Applications Centre (ISRO), embarked on a captivating exploration of the intriguing nexus between AI and the cosmic universe.

The one-day summit promised to be a forum for insightful discussions, featuring several other keynote addresses and panel discussions on topics such as 'How AI & Automation are Reshaping Talent,' 'Engagement Beyond Talent,' 'Future of Education & Employability in the Automation Era,' and 'Developing In-Demand Skills for the Future of Work,' 'From Disruption to Innovation: The Transformative Power of AI and Automation in Talent Management,' among others.

Amid the event, the audience was entranced by a captivating exhibition of magic and wonder, skillfully executed by the talented duo of Vighnesh Pandey, an exceptional ventriloquist, and Javed Khan, a remarkable magician.

After successful implementation of Chapter 1, Chapter 2 of India Tech Talent League 2023, held in Bangalore, kickstarted meaningful discussions about how cutting-edge technologies, especially Artificial Intelligence and Automation, are reshaping talent management, employability and education.

The torch of this important dialogue will be handed over to upcoming events in Pune and Delhi.


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