Humanising Innovative Ways In Post-pandemic Era

“An indication that this is impactful, and working is that KPMG India has won the 'Great Indian Workplace Award 2019' for the second consecutive year”


As an HR leader, Yogja Singh created a difference by thinking beyond existing organisational boundaries, designed and implemented a lucrative talent attraction proposition. The recent pandemic reinforced the fact that to get outstanding results, leaders need to do something unconventional and distinct.

Singh in her tenure revived the campus relations program with a differentiated go to campus approach focusing on providing widened and priority access to talent and delivering an exceptional candidate & hiring manager experience. The effort has enhanced KPMG's brand attractiveness ranking positioning it as an 'employer of choice.'

Employee experience is a driving force for outcomes and productive results. Sharing about KPMG she mentioned that she delivered exceptional candidate experience, which is not just limited to recruitment and onboarding but also covers career enablement and development of resources during pre-boarding and after onboarding. Nearly all our campus joiners recommend KPMG as a place to start careers. An indication that this is impactful, and working is that KPMG India has won the 'Great Indian Workplace Award 2019' for the second consecutive year.

Going beyond her KRAs and curating out of the box plans resulted in remarkable transformations. Assisted with building a charter for the 'Future of Work' at KPMG in India to help build a more agile and resilient organization that provides exceptional and personalized candidate and employee experience. She mentioned that “I am also currently exploring how emotional intelligence can be embedded in our existing and new processes for this purpose.”

Singh believes “HR function has the capability to enable extensive transformation and convert the potential of the firm’s workforce into financial performance and market value.”

The era of witnessing a paradigm shift in HR function is right here. Singh shared her valuable insights on what should be done to transform HR; reshaping the workforce and using digital capabilities like predictive analytics, process automation among others to gather actionable insights and focus on consumer-grade employee experience, finding ways to personalising and humanising it in the remote working environment.

The pandemic has turned the spotlight on HR and business is increasingly looking up to its HR function.  Driving sync between people-oriented plans and the business plan she shared her initiatives. Pioneered symbiotic relationships between academia, business, and our capability team and positioned KPMG as a strategic business, thought leadership, and skill development partner and further enhanced KPMG's value proposition. The number of tie-ups has doubled in the last year, and there was a 42% increase in the number of hours invested in conducting these sessions since last year.  


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