How Technology Is Helping HR Managers To Device Innovative Acquisition Strategies

A tough challenge embarks upon the global IT Industry when it comes to talent acquisition. Head-spinning technological advances have made the talent acquisition environment incredibly competitive making it essential for every organization to adapt to these advancements, and undertake a transformation in their talent acquisition strategies. Adopting Big Data and Business Intelligence technologies in Talent Acquisition strategies proves beneficial in empowering decision making and faster demand fulfillment.


As part of Capgemini’s growth strategy, we realized the need to increase our reach & engagement beyond traditional talent acquisition strategies.

Here are some of the innovative approaches Capgemini is adopting for talent acquisition:

  • Leveraging Social media 

With the massive influx of social media in talent space, there was a need to create a strong talent branding engine to get top talent through new sourcing channels. We enabled our internal stakeholders & employees to resonate and advocate Life at Capgemini on Twitter and Facebook to increase the outreach of our employer brand. Employees were encouraged to speak about the organization culture, how it has impacted them and their career journey within Capgemini. We created a community of Brand Champs, who are ambassadors of the Brand Capgemini, to share recruitment communication & make it part of their responsibilities to attract & engage talent.

  • Gamification of the good old referral program 

Employee referral program is the traditional and one of effective ways of employee advocacy. We packaged our employee referral program with modern game mechanics like point systems, teams, levels, schemes, leaderboards and rewards at every stage leading to increased involvement of employees, increased brand outreach, more relevant talent pool and a better joining conversion.

  • Use of Infographics 

We have managed to break through the clutter by creating Infographic Job Descriptions. Infographic JD conveys the essentials of the job opportunity in a crisp, attractive manner. Complex job roles are simplified for easy consumption and sharing among the talent pool and it leverages modern content marketing techniques to promote the message.

  • Innovative Tech Challenges 

Tech Challenge has been designed as a marathon technology competition to showcase that we are an innovative brand in the emerging tech space. It comprised of coding competition, theme-based competition and a finale digital hackathon to enable technology professionals to solve real world digital problems.

  • Use of Analytics

We have also embarked on our technology transformation journey couple of years back by adopting Big Data and Business Intelligence technologies in Talent Acquisition to empower our decision making and faster demand fulfillment. Our Talent analytics engine uses reference data and prescriptive modeling techniques to help us in building out talent acquisition strategy. We use predictive analytics using R-programming to improve our candidate joining conversions. 

This blended approach has shown outstanding results and has allowed us to star ahead of curve in talent acquisition.

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