How E-learning Can Be Game Changer For Foreign Language Institutes In India

The learning market will definitely change knowing that everyone will be able to learn everywhere.


It has been more than a month and a half that Indian schools and teaching institutes are experimenting online class which gives us room to make a first analysis of the situation. 

It is in human nature to fear the change and be skeptical towards disruption. Many students were claiming that online teaching is impossible for relevant or irrelevant reasons. A few weeks later, it is evident that learners got used to it and have chosen this way of learning to continue their education career. Except for connectivity, which could be a problem in some neighbourhoods or during storms, online teaching has proved its efficiency to learn a foreign language. 

Online learning will become a trend, this is for sure. Like any trend, some will choose to follow the herd and after the lockdown come back to 'face-to-face' learning when the situation will be back to normal. But others will keep this new way of learning in mind, while they will decide to enroll in a language institute. 

The learning market will definitely change knowing that everyone will be able to learn everywhere. Distance and boundaries will disappear, collapsing location inequality between students from all over the world. In this new era, how will Foreign Language Institutes will react? 

Over this new learning deal, locations will matter less than quality. What would be the benefit of being in the most popular street or district of Delhi if all the teaching happens online? How will students choose between institutes? Teaching quality, developed years after years, will be the key point to market the courses to an extended public. 

Marketing itself will be impacted. Digital marketing will surpass traditional posters and flyers handed out at the entrance of the big malls. The new branding management will be online surrounded by social media, websites, video channels. The presence online will build and strengthen the position of the company thanks to testimonies and all the content shared by users. 

Foreign language institutes in India, need to keep promoting their own values such as being part of their language and cultural community. This community used to meet in the classes, the corridor or the cafeteria and now meets online through all the events that the cultural department and library organize. Being part of a family guides students to their learning process. 

The presence on the web will define who will survive and who will struggle to make space in a hectic competition.  

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