HR's 14 Hours A Week Saved Through Adoption Of Virtual Interviews: Study

The study reveals that virtual interviews have led to access to a global talent pool and streamlined hiring processes resulting in improved talent acquisition, leading to 93% of employers adopting this change


A recent study conducted by InCruiter, an interview solution provider sheds light on the profound impact of virtual interviews on the modern hiring landscape. The study encompassed insights from 150+ organisations across various industries like IT, e-commerce, healthcare, startup, etc. providing valuable data on the shift to virtual interviews in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent evolution of hiring practices. 

Pre-pandemic, face-to-face interviews dominated the first round of hiring processes, accounting for over 75 per cent of interviews. However, post-pandemic, the paradigm has shifted drastically, with 90 per cent of organisations now conducting virtual interviews in the initial stages. This 93% increase in the use of virtual interviews demonstrates the rapid adoption and acceptance of virtual hiring methods.

"Virtual interviews have revolutionized the way organisations connect with potential candidates. Our study showcases the remarkable shift towards this innovative approach in the hiring process," says Anil Agarwal - CEO & Co-Founder - InCruiter. He adds, " The study highlights the effectiveness and efficiency of virtual interviews in comparison to traditional in-person interviews. By removing logistical constraints and optimizing scheduling, organisations have saved significant time and costs."

The study reveals that on an average, HR managers reported saving up to 14 hours a week through the adoption of virtual interviews. This increase in efficiency has also positively impacted the quality of hires for many organisations. Access to a global talent pool and streamlined hiring processes have resulted in improved talent acquisition, leading to a substantial 93 per cent of employers continuing to use virtual interviews. Several factors have motivated companies to embrace virtual interviews as a standard hiring practice. The rise of remote work due to the pandemic has been a compelling driver, allowing organisations to continue hiring while prioritizing the health and safety of candidates and interviewers. Additionally, virtual interviews have proven to be more efficient and convenient, streamlining the hiring process and breaking down geographical barriers, enabling access to a diverse talent pool.

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