HR Leaders In Action Amid Times of Crisis

Business decision-makers are now looking up to the Human Resources for guidance on how to ensure the wellness of employees and well as continuity of business.


The permutations and combinations on which an HR decision is based, especially during a situation of crisis, has a long-lasting impact on the company’s future. The outbreak of COVID-19 continues to pose a threat to humanity at large and businesses across industries. Business decision-makers are now looking up to the Human Resources for guidance on how to ensure the wellness of employees and well as continuity of business. It is a responsibility that is akin to placing a minor chip in a multi-billion dollar space ship that will determine its operation in the unknown space, where failure is not an option.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s clarion call to save the ‘mankind in crisis’ with a slogan ‘Hum Swasth, toh Jag Swasth’, is in sync with Tech Mahindra’s belief, “Wellness before Business.” It is this reason, which is why amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, we are focused on ensuring the well-being of all our associates and partner ecosystem.

The Power of Human Experiences

It is at such a time of crisis, employees and partners assess a company more critically. The experience that they get will lay the foundation for long term healthy relations. Human feelings and expectations can be as diverse as the universe. How we feel, defines our experiences.

We live by the formula of HX = f(UX, CX, EX,… ). Whether we are delivering value to our customers or empowering our associates to RISE, Human Experience (HX) underscores every step of our interaction journey. We strongly believe that today employees demand a User like an Experience, a Customer like an Experience as well as an excellent Human Experience.

The uncertainty of today’s situation is generating a lot of emotions and anxiety amongst all. It is on the employers as well as the employees to ensure the well-being of all. As business heads, we need to proactively convey our support, strength, and solidarity to the employees’ families as well.

  • Build Trust: It is during the crisis that our actions will tell and build trust. Do allow your teams to work from home wherever possible and trust that they will do their best.
  • Wellness over Business - Time for action: Challenging times require tough measures. But then the scale of COVID-19 demands us to put in place certain global best practices that will ensure that employee safety is not compromised.

Ø Rapid Action Force constituted at Global level to continuously monitor the situation and take decisive actions

Ø Regional Rapid Action teams place across all Locations to track the status on the ground

Ø Emergency Response Team (Global Toll-Free numbers) equipped to handle queries around COVID-19

Ø Robust cadence - Daily calls with Executive team on Operational readiness

  • Lead with Compassion: Successful leaders know that their success is rooted in the care and well-being of those they lead. In times like these, adopt an empathetic and compassionate behavior while not necessarily compromising on business. Yes, it is possible to do both.

  • Stability: Assure our associates of confidence. Communicate that Purpose and People will continue to take priority over short-term results.

  • Give Hope: Employees are challenged to be motivated, so give hope, assure them. Positivity is the most natural word spoken and toughest to practice. As HR professionals, all of us strive to achieve this ‘positivity’ each day, every hour, minute and second. That’s the strength we bring to our organization, associates and partners.

  • Inspire for Future: Provide vision for the future and share that passion in a way that enables others to feel passionate, too. We are all asking more of our people during this time of uncertainty, and it’s more important than ever to inspire and appreciate the work they do, so recognize them.

Employee well-being and safety and minimizing business risks are a priority and should be dealt with the utmost care. HR leaders should strive to maintain that perspective. The world is reminded, time and again by nature, that while technology will be an enabler, the moments of truth will always be Human.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are those of the authors' and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of this publishing house


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