HR Leaders Foresee Upcoming Challenges in Industry

HR experts assert transparent and upfront organizations have an edge over others in times of crisis.


The rise in the number of furloughs and downsizing in organizations due to the impact of the pandemic has presented a challenge for HR managers. Leading HR experts gathered at the BW 40under40 virtual summit to discuss how they have been dealing with the situation. The theme of the panel was “Upcoming challenges for HR Leader while taking cost-cutting measures.” 

The panelists for the session were Vipul Singh, Divisional Vice President & Head HR, ADP; Anil Mohanti, Head - People & Culture, Medikabazaar; Unmesh Pawar, Partner & Head of People Performance, KPMG; Suchismita Burman, CHRO, ITC Infotech, and Ashissh Kapoor, Associate Director, EY. 

The session was moderated by Ruhail Amin, Senior Editor, BW Businessworld.

Participating in the session, Kapoor of EY remarked that HR leaders are using technology optimally as well as re-prioritizing and downsizing HR services. “We need to communicate openly with the employees. Decisions have to be taken with patience and consideration of what everybody is going through.” 

Transparent and upfront organizations have an edge over others in times of crisis. 

Burman of ITC Infotech said that the current situation has brought the focus on employee productivity and wellbeing. “Emotional intelligence of HR Professionals is at the forefront. The ability to stay productive when employees come back to the office will be challenging.” 

Speaking about his experience Pawar, KPMG mentioned, “Mental resilience for the workforce. That has been the tight rope walk that HRs have primarily been involved in the last six months.” 

Mohanti, Medikabazaar agreed with other panelists and reiterated, “Shifting from office to work from home has been a challenge for us. But we have adapted to it. The hybrid structure will be a convenient way of working whereby we can allow few to work from home and others from the office.” 

Adding to the discussion, Singh of ADP said that they have re-invented their HR Processes. “We have continued to hire as we were hiring before and technology has played a big role. It is a challenging time for HR professionals,” he said.


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