HMH Launches Its First Asia-Pacific Center Of Excellence In Pune

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt plans to build autonomous and independent teams focusing on driving product innovation and R&D


Learning technology company Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) has launched its first Asia-Pacific Centre of Excellence (COE) in Pune, India. This strategic expansion reflects on tapping into India’s large pool of promising tech talent to drive innovation in K-12 education. 

HMH plans to build and grow autonomous and independent teams from its Pune Centre focusing on driving product innovation, R&D and product development.

Bhalchandra Namjoshi, VP of Engineering and India Site Leader Head, HMH India said, “With a presence in over 150 countries, HMH's decision to establish a COE in Pune stems from our vision for a long-term association in India and the company’s ambitious growth plans. Pune’s strategic importance as an educational and technological hub makes it a perfect geography for us to establish our newest centre after Boston, Montreal, Dublin & Beijing."

Through the centre, the company will be able to cater to Indian schools that implement the IB and IGCSE curriculum. The solutions integrate core instruction, supplemental practice, intervention solutions, assessment, and professional learning into a single platform.

“HMH’s Centers of Excellence provide a powerful structure through which our talented employees develop cutting-edge solutions that drive transformative results for teachers and students, and for our organisation,” said Peter George, Chief Technology Officer, HMH. “We are thrilled to now be established in Pune, where we look forward to building a community and creating a culture that drives innovation.” 

Through connected offerings for both educators and students, it will provide teachers with the tools and support necessary to meet the diverse needs of their students. With this expansion, the centre will offer an exciting opportunity for tech professionals seeking a dynamic and stimulating environment to work.


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