Google Asks Employees To Adopt A Hybrid Work Schedule

Physical attendance can play a factor in employee performance reviews, the reports say.


Days after reports suggested that Meta is asking its employees to come to the office for three days a week, another tech giant Google reportedly wants its employees to switch to a hybrid mode of working. Those who fail to adhere to a 3-day work policy while living near a Google office will be sent reminders to come to the office. 

Media reports say that Google will track physical attendance through office badges and managers may factor in the onsite attendance matrix as part of performance reviews.

Just like how Meta's founder Mark Zukerberg had said that physical attendance in the office enhances productivity, Google, in an internal email to its employees has reportedly said that there is no substitute for working together.

It seems like leading companies around the world are moving to a three-day work week and choosing to make remote working an exception to the norm. How will employees respond to the change in policy, time will tell.

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