Good Time To Introspect On Personal, Mental And Business Wellbeing

I believe this is the best time for us to do deep introspection, and it was important to do this on different levels such as introspect on our business and its core values.


When the state-wide lockdown was announced in Karnataka, we had a launch coming up in Bengaluru for the TCS World 10K and it wasn’t easy to make a decision and put everything on hold. The way we work during a live event is that we need those face-to-face interactions. For us, work from home hasn’t been easy.

We are all doing what we have to do in life. We are not a company that lends itself in remote working or working from home. In fact, we look forward to living interactions. We want to connect with people, work with our partners and our stakeholders. So, it wasn’t an easy decision to make. But of course, we know that it is something we have to do.

To postpone an international sporting event (TCS World 10K Bengaluru) is not something small, because there are multiple stakeholders from India and abroad involved. We have actually had to stitch it together for fall (September) this year and everybody has been so supportive. We have to get the national sporting bodies and the international sporting bodies all on to one page and then start talking to our stakeholders that we are going to move by four months.

Best time to introspect

We have been working from home for over three weeks now, after the first week I realized there is no point chasing your tail and trying to work as hard as possible. It was important to sit back and take a larger view of things and realized this is a time to cool and calm down.

I believe this is the best time for us to do deep introspection, and it was important to do this on different levels such as introspect on our business and its core values. Core introspection into our value offering and so on. Revisit the core of our business. Yes, we do large sporting platform events, so is that my currency or is it something more subtle? Procam International is in the business of experience. We are not just in the business of giving health and fitness, we give an experience. We need to deliver that during our races to everyone. We are addressing these larger aspects of the work and team meetings we are doing right now.

Ensure physical, mental and business well-being

When we decided to work from home the first thing was to stay calm and cool down. When I talk about cooling down and calming down, it is not with respect to business alone, it is also to do with your personal life. It is time for deep introspection and spiritual growth, which should not be compromised. Fortunately, we have ample opportunity to do physical activity in whatever space we have. There are so many people giving you physical activity options. We need to take some time and calm down for our personal evolvement. That is very important.

There are three buckets, one is your physical well-being, the other is your mental well-being and the third is your business well-being. There is an opportunity to put all three buckets out there since we don’t have to go out for wedding and engagements and fulfil any social obligations. Somebody has freed you of all that, from the hundreds of hours of travel that you do. I think this time is precious to put into all three buckets. I am living the positive side of the lockdown.

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