Future of HR: Helping Employees Build Sustainable Careers

The Graph being set & work started there need to be periodic reviews to gauge the movement of the employees along the lines set in the Graph.


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It’s worth remembering that the Turtle only makes progress when it sticks the head out. One amongst the many hats the HR professional dons is that of an engineer who is expected to channelise the career of the employees.

Career Planning or the manner in which an employee is able to positively move into the organizational hierarchy based on the skillsets they have or they acquire while they are employed.

In order to ensure that an organization retains the employees whilst also continuing to put an onus on ensuring that they have a sustainable growth in their careers HR professionals need to work out some specific strategies or as I call it the ve strategy.

Appraise (A)

The starting point of setting a sustainable career planning is get to know the employee’s intrinsic abilities.

What kind of individuals they are?

What skillsets do they possess?

What are their ethics based on?

What are their SWOT’s (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities & Threats)?

Graph-It (G)

As an HR Manager or Business Leader it is relevant to understand the people run the business & not the other way around

In order to ensure that the Career Plan is set in motion, once the step to Appraise is finished it is time to move onto the next one, Graph-It.

A 5-year plan needs to be graphed with futuristic scenarios brought into considerations & the same needs to be shared with the employees.

This needs to be done so that both the parties are aware of what s expected of the candidate & is it doable.

In case there is any discrepancy one needs to go back to the drawing board & rework the strategies.

Interventions (I)

Once accepted and set in motion, the Business Leader & HR managers need to realise that we recruit for attitude & train for skill.

The Graph being set & work started there need to be periodic reviews to gauge the movement of the employees along the lines set in the Graph.

In case of any discrepancy found during there Interventions, they need to checked & set back in motion.

This needn’t be done but alas some people today are wandering generalities instead of meaningful specifics because they have failed to discover and mine the wealth of potentials in them & this role is now with the HR professionals.

Leverage (L)

By the time we reach this step you must have realised that all we are trying to do is to ensure that the best skillsets of an employee are aligned with the objectives of the organization, resulting in a Win: Win situation.

In order to do so, the HR needs to regularly conduct a SWOT & leverage the same to realign and balance the employee mindset with that of the organization.

The central concept here is that the value of a business ends up being a function of how well the financial capital and the intellectual capital are managed by the human capital.

And it’s the role of the HR to get the human capital part right.

Evaluate (E)

The final step is to evaluate. At the end of the cycle as plotted in the Graph an evaluation needs to be done on how the career plan has fared.

In case there is any deviation causing the success ratio to fall below a 90% level then the career plan has to be declared a failure. It did not turn out to be viable or sustainable for the organization & the employee.

In this modern, networked world we live in, if the career plan does not end up being sustainable then it shall end up as a big loss to the organization.

People management is less about squeezing performance from the organized few and more about curating contribution from the limitless many & the AGILE plan helps to do so. It sets across a sustainable career plan resulting in an optimum engagement between the employer & the employee.

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