FuboTV Plans For Tech Hiring In India

The hiring comes in support of the ongoing innovation of its global live TV streaming platform


FuboTV Inc. (NYSE: FUBO), the leading sports-first live TV streaming platform, recently announced its plans for tech hiring in India.  The U.S. headquartered streaming service entered the Indian market by acquiring in 2021. Currently, the Edisn team in Bangalore is fully integrated with FuboTV and is helping lead the company’s tech innovation on a global scale.

Established in 2015 and headquartered in New York City, FuboTV identifies Bengaluru as a critical enabler as a tech hub for its expansion. Edisn’s proprietary, patent-pending computer vision AI tech has the ability to extract real-time information from live video enabling the identification of athletes, brands, scorecards, plays, and actions at a frame level from live video in real-time. It can be done across multiple sports and even go beyond sports to entertainment, music, and news content. This provides Fubo’s streaming platform with rich, contextual data which can be leveraged to create amazing interactive experiences for Fubo’s subscribers as well as monetizable features for advertisers. 

FuboTV plans to hire data engineers, product managers, design directors, among other positions, in the coming months. The company expects to grow its local headcount in Bangalore by up to 400%.

The hiring announcement is welcome news in India and comes at a time when whispers of a slow global economy loom.

On the proposed hiring agenda, Ashok Karanth, General Manager/ head of FuboTV India said, “An alternative to traditional pay TV cable and satellite, FuboTV is a streaming platform that aggregates live and on-demand content across multiple genres and presents interactive features and functionality, like cloud DVR. We are a credible alternative to traditional pay TV cable and satellite. Following the acquisition of in 2021, FuboTV has identified Bangalore as an important center for tech innovation. Our focus now is to expand our Bangalore office and tap into local engineering talent. Working at Fubo offers the unique opportunity to transform how consumers watch and engage with live TV - making it an exciting time to join FuboTV India.”

On the opportunities that Fubo’s technology brings to streaming, Mike Berkley, Chief Product Officer, FuboTV said,

“When we acquired last year, I commented that their computer vision platform could unlock many capabilities that are critical for creating a sports-first, interactive live TV experience like FuboTV. We just weren’t seeing anything like this technology in the United States. Now that we have begun building upon Edisn’s technology and integrating it into Fubo, we are starting to realize its full potential. From how consumers can interact with content to how advertisers can leverage consumer engagement, we believe Fubo has the opportunity to revolutionize streaming TV.” 

With a mission to build the leading global live TV streaming platform with the greatest remarkable breadth of premium content and interactivity, FuboTV Inc. (NYSE: FUBO) aims to transcend the industry’s current TV model. 

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