Former Citi Group MD Madan Kore Joins Advisory Board Of Repos

Madan Kore will advise the company on strategic direction and economic expansion with the objective of strengthening Repos’ foundation and promoting rapid growth


Renowned finance veteran and former Managing Director of Citi Group Madan Kore has joined the advisory board of Repos. With over 2000 partners and operations in 220+ cities across the country, Repos is a pioneer of the Doorstep Fuel Delivery industry in India.

Kore brings over 40 years of deep experience to Tata-backed start-up Repos. He will advise the company on strategic direction and economic expansion matters and counsel founders Chetan &Aditi Walunj and Aparajit S as they create an ecosystem that facilitates the delivery of all forms of energy to the doorstep of end consumers with the help of technology. As the venture continues to bridge the gap between the demand and supply of clean energy, Kore will also guide the next phase of growth, including the evaluation of new opportunities in the sector. 

Madan Kore was the Managing Director at Citi Group from 2013 until his retirement in 2022. Before that, he was CEO of his own entrepreneurial venture from 2011-2013. He is an alumnus of the Institute of Cost Accountants of India.  

Since its inception in 2017, Repos has been relentless in realising its vision of helping the world move toward a carbon-neutral future with the establishment of E-Commerce in energy. The founders first connected with Madan in 2018, when he shared his insight about potential challenges and regulatory obstacles that Repos might face in the future. His advice was invaluable as it helped Repos maximise social impact, reduce their carbon footprint and change regulatory processes in the following years. Effective immediately, he will work with the Repos team to strengthen the company’s foundation and achieve short-term strategic objectives in their growth plan.

"Repos is a premier organisation with a unique mission. I truly believe that this sector will be a major driver of both economic growth and social impact in the country. Repos imbibes and enhances the national mission outlined by the government to develop our country. I am incredibly impressed with company’s vision and dynamic approach, and honoured to join the advisory board” said Madan Kore.

Sharing their thoughts on the announcement, Chetan andAditi Bhosale Walunj, Founders, Repos said "We are delighted to have Madan Kore join the advisory board at Repos. He is a seasoned economists with a sharp business acumen and  rich experience ranging from regulatory policy to finance and growth. We are sure that with Mr. Kore on our Board, Repos will scale new heights as we work towards our goal of transforming energy distribution and the world move towards a carbon neutral future.”  

“It is a privilege for Repos to work with a recognised leader and expert as we set out on our growth path. Mr. Kore brings experience and excellence to our team and we are excited to work with him to scale our organisation and impact” added Aparajit S, Co-founder, Repos.

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