Florida McDonald's franchise offers $50 for a job interview; struggles to attract applicants

The franchise owner said it was not this difficult to hire workers in decades


The Pandemic has plunged employment rates globally and also reduced the footfall in what would have otherwise been an active summer with many students seeking part-time jobs. This McDonald's in Florida were at their wit's end as they tried to hire workers to maintain their drive-through service.  

Blake Casper the franchise owner speaking to Business Insider said he instructed his General Manager and Supervisor to "do whatever you need to do" to hire workers. Caper continued, 

"At this point, if we can't keep our drive-throughs moving, then I'll pay $50 for an interview."

The labour shortage is forcing Casper and other franchisees to raise wages. Casper said he is considering raising more than Florida's minimum wage to $13 to attract more employees. A March survey by the USA Federation of Independent Business found that 42% of small business owners said they had job openings that they could not fill.

McDonald's has reported having said, locations across the US are hiring and the chain typically ramps up recruitment efforts leading into the summer. The company hosted a system-wide webcast to discuss best practices in staffing.

Lauren Silberman, a Credit Suisse analyst, is said to have commented "while unemployment is a factor - most people still want to work if they have the opportunity. She noted that workers have had more options than in the past, including retailers that guarantee a $15 per hour starting wage and gig economy jobs that offer more flexibility.


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