Extrieve Introduces Flexible And Innovative Workplace Policies

The document management provider aims to empower employees by allowing 60 days WFH eliminating the need for unnecessary leaves


Extrieve, a player in the imaging, Artificial Intelligence (AI), enterprise document management and workflow domains announced innovative workplace policies that set a benchmark for other companies in the IT sector. The organisation is focused on creating a balance of interests between the employee and the employer ensuring that customer commitments are met.

The company takes into account feedback from employees at all levels before formulating its human resource (HR) policies. The new Workplace Policies are an outcome of the same consultative approach.

In the new guidelines, the organisation introduced a hybrid workplace option enabling employees to work from home (WFH) for up to 60 days a year. It aims to create a harmonious work-life balance by providing an option for employees to choose where they work, eliminating the need for unnecessary leaves.

The organisation was previously in the news for extending Diwali bonuses to former employees showcasing a dedication to long-lasting relationships.

This is a step towards inspiring other firms in the industry to curate policies highlighting employee well-being and satisfaction.  


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