Executive Management Degrees Proved To Be A Boon During The Pandemic

Though executive programs have always been a great opportunity to refresh and reset professionally on a number of levels, but this year it has been even more crucial for the aspirants.


Many industries have been disrupted because of the COVID-19, and studying has not remained the same. Students and young professionals have many reasons for postponing their plan to go for MBA or an E-MBA. But what makes this the right time for pursuing an executive management program?

The world will be a different place post COVID and many old practices and strategies would be inapplicable in the new norm. Though executive programs have always been a great opportunity to refresh and reset professionally on a number of levels, but this year it has been even more crucial for the aspirants. Post COVID outbreak, the executives realized that they no longer could rely on the knowledge that had brought them this far. Now more than ever before, executives need to learn how businesses work around COVID-19. Whatever stage of your career you may be at, executives need to lead. Especially during the crisis time, they need to upskill for the sake of business stability and growth.

There is more flexibility at work and most of the executives have been able to accommodate the requirements of an executive program in their work schedule. One of the key attraction for executives to go for these programs is the flexibility and price. They don’t need to lose income by leaving their job while they pursue the program. With many companies in India having declared that the employees will not return until June, employees feel this is the right time for them to pursue the program which they were unable to do in the past due to time constraints. In fact, people have found the remote learning quite engaging and high quality.

Executive programs have inculcated the right skills needed to navigate the uncertain times and show adaptability. Such program will help to guide young professionals through the global pandemic and the challenges presented by COVID-19. Many professionals know that executive programs prepare them in an optimal way for their professional advancement, be it gaining new knowledge, developing new skills or inculcating the right attitude. This helps them advance in their current profession and also prepare them for taking up any future opportunities. Many young executives boost their career with a wide array of upskill programs across management & emerging technologies.

People want to be ready when the economy picks up.

Though there are restrictions to in-person learning, but the benefit of global networking and connections is a key takeaway from these executive programs. An open executive education program will put you in the same room with other strong executives from a variety of industries and backgrounds. Working on cases, debating collaboratively, and developing new best practices with your classmates will allow you to create strong and valuable relationships.

Executive programs help one develop the skills needed to navigate the uncertainty that COVID-19 has brought. Today the leaders need to respond to change quickly. An executive program helps to identify different points of view that can cultivate one’s mental flexibility. The creative and disruptive mind set gets cultivated by discussions that happen on the real business situations with experienced professionals from across industries, cultures and markets. Also, with these programs, one brings that extra level of motivation to the table which surely helps to boost optimism and positive thinking.

Programs like Open executive programs can surely help you achieve your career goals by filling skill gaps, broadening perspectives, and connecting candidates with a strong network. The candidates with a formal management degree, realize that the problems in the corporate world do not neatly fit into marketing, finance or operations packages, but in fact must be adapted to the strategic challenges emerging from an interconnected world. Continuous learning is the key to maintaining a competitive edge. For many people, this starts with executive education. You need to refine and expand your knowledge if you are going to survive and thrive in the corporate world.

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