Every Crisis Provide The Opportunity

It is very true that within few days after things get settle we all will again forget and get in to old monotonous routine.


When the situation is beyond imagination we all think we are surrounded by lot of negativity. All we are worried about is crash in the economy and business. However, when we meet people they ask us about what we feel if this lock down will be big crash for the economy worldwide but simultaneously a big rejuvenation of one’s individual life.

Everyone is going through a trauma as we don’t know what will happen next minute! But with this there might be a new horizon for some individual life. May be after this never before situation, urban families will generate and adopt a new lifestyle with the new proceeding. Some may realize the value of quality time required spending with family and some may realize money is not only the biggest strength.

People understood importance of hobbies as so many people has started reliving their hobbies in this free time. Change in the food habits and healthy life might rise in coming months. Even when we were doing this survey we came across a very effluent political family who has started doing chants every day with video conference with all cousins. People are changing their perceptions toward life. They started learning that it’s important to live in today as you never know what will happen tomorrow.

This long term effect of crisis will also emerge with some new ideas in business as well. For Ex: some may realize that work from home can be possible and equally beneficial for the company. Henceforth, there will be lot of chances to cut-down spending on space availing expenses.

Climate is changing massively in the positive manner. China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment has recorded data between January and March 2020 which reflects an 84.5 per cent increase in days with good air quality. Dolphins are spotted back in the Cagliari, Sardinia. Even Himalayan Range can now be seen from Punjab due to very less pollution. Isn’t this great and positive that even Ozone layer is also getting healed.

We cannot deny that economy is affected. Labourers and others who are working on daily wages are suffering. But other beautiful part is making us learn that nothing lie in tomorrow just live today. So go out in the morning, breath the fresh air, listen chirping of birds, and see beautiful sun rise.

Then note down 21 positive things which you did in this last 21 days which you always wanted to do.

Also, there is a big question that always linger that if these habits will continue for a long or not. It is very true that within few days after things get settle we all will again forget and get in to old monotonous routine. So we should make the most of this period as this is a moment of life and it will leading us towards a new world.

Now is a time to keep company with our friends, family, and animals, to convene with nature, be of service, walk, listen to and make music, listen too to silence, and find love where it lives. This is also a time to cultivate the steady and well place within ourselves, the place that’s here with or without a system. Now, when the guard rails have temporarily come off our lives, when the structure that provides safety and indeed a sense of who we are, is momentarily dismantled; this is a time to ground ourselves in the present moment, find the steady place inside, and remember what really matters, what cannot be taken away. Ultimately, this is the moment to remember who we are—no matter what.

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